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Timeline and Rules

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December 1, 2023: Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend priority application deadline. Interested students must complete their application for admission.*

December 15, 2023: Deadline to be admitted for access to priority registration. Students who apply and are admitted after this date may register if space is available until February 12, 2024.

December 18, 2023: Registration opens for admitted first-year fall students. Selection of exam is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once an exam is filled, a waitlist will be available, but placement is not guaranteed. Students should sign up for another exam until notified that space has become available. Students may only sign up for and sit for one (1) exam.

February 12, 2024: Registration closes at noon Pacific Time. No late registrations or changes will be permitted.

February 18, 2024:

  • 11 a.m.-1 p.m.: Registration, campus tours and Academic and Activities Fair
  • 12:45 p.m.: Official Welcome 
  • 1:30-3:30 p.m.: Exams
  • 1:30-3 p.m.: Parent and family session

April 1, 2024: Notification of results will be sent via e-mail. All students will be notified regarding the results.

*A completed application for admission must include the following and be postmarked or submitted online no later than December 1, 2023:

  • Common Application with essay
  • Linfield member question on the Common Application
  • School report
  • Official High School transcript(s)


1) The Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend program is open to high school seniors only, not including international students currently in the U.S. or seeking a visa, including E, F or J type visas. Students with outstanding academic records are encouraged to participate. Students may only participate in the Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend program as admitted students looking to enroll at Linfield as first-year students for the next fall semester. Students may not participate in future years once enrolled at Linfield.

2) Participation in the Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend program is by invitation only to admitted students. To qualify for consideration and receive priority registration, interested students must do the following by December 1:

Complete the application for admission. A completed application includes the following:

  • Common Application with Essay
  • Linfield Member Question on the Common Application
  • School Report
  • Official High School Transcript(s)

All application materials must be postmarked or submitted online by December 1.

3) Once registration is open, students may select the exam they feel most competent to take. A student does not need to select the exam aligned with their intended major. For example, a student is welcome to sit for the chemistry exam even if they intend on majoring in psychology.

Each exam competition may limit the number of students allowed to participate. Exam selection is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students will be immediately confirmed and considered intending to participate at the time of registration. Once filled, registration for the exam is closed.

4) Students must select one (1) exam only at the time of registration. Exam changes are permitted up to the registration deadline. No exam changes will be made after that date, including on the day of the event. If a student does not attend the exam they have registered for, they are considered to have forfeited their opportunity.

5) Students with diagnosed learning disabilities may request accommodations for their exam on the registration form. Students should provide documentation to the Office of Learning Support Services, which will confirm accommodations with the student, exam proctor and the Office of Admission. Students may contact Learning Support Services at

6) Up to four scholarships may be awarded in each exam.

  • First place: $20,000 ($5,000 annually)
  • Second place: $16,000 ($4,000 annually)
  • Third place: $12,000 ($3,000 annually)
  • Honorable mention: $8,000 ($2,000 annually)

Scholarships are awarded to the top four participants in each subject exam based on all students who participated in that exam. Exams are not ranked after fourth place. Once awarded, scholarships are not reassigned if a recipient does not enroll at Linfield University (e.g., if the second-place recipient does not enroll, the scholarship is not awarded to the third-place recipient, with a new third place recipient identified from the other participants). While encouraged to do so, the department proctoring the exam reserves the right to not offer all available scholarships.

7) All students who participate and who are not awarded a first, second third place or honorable mention scholarship will be awarded a $1,000 renewable participation award. Students who fail to attend the welcome and presentation will not receive the participation award. Students who receive a first, second, third place or honorable mention award will not receive the participation award.

8) Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend exam results will be emailed no later than April 1, with a revised offer of financial aid mailed shortly thereafter.

9) Scholarship winners are not required to study or major in their exam area, but students must enroll at Linfield University in order to receive the scholarship. The scholarship will be added to previously awarded merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid.

10) The scholarship is automatically renewable for the sophomore year. All award winners must maintain good academic standing (2.0 cumulative GPA and satisfactory academic progress) and reapply for financial aid in a timely manner in order to continue receiving the scholarship beyond sophomore year.

11) Scholarships can be combined with other Linfield-merit awards (for example, Presidential, Trustee, Frances Ross Linfield, Faculty and Recognition Scholarships, Linfield First Scholarship, Marching Band Scholarship, Music Participation and Music Achievement Awards) until the total scholarship amount awarded, when combined, does not exceed the cost of tuition.

When a student’s awarded scholarships exceed the cost of tuition, the Office of Financial Aid will revise the student’s offer of scholarship to the maximum amount permitted up to the cost of tuition. A student may see a reduction or removal of previously awarded scholarships but will receive the best combination of scholarships up to the cost of tuition for the student’s first year at Linfield.

Students who have applied for tuition exchange may participate in Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend, as they are encouraged to apply for all Linfield scholarship opportunities in the event they are not awarded a Tuition Exchange Scholarship. However, if a student wins a Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend award, and is later awarded a full Tuition Exchange Scholarship, the student will forfeit their Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend award (as well as other merit-based scholarships previously awarded).

Students who are a dependent of a Linfield University employee may participate in Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend if they are not eligible for 100% tuition remission based on the Linfield University tuition remission policy. If a student wins a scholarship but receives full tuition remission, the student will forfeit their scholarship (as well as other merit-based scholarships previously awarded) upon receiving full tuition remission.

Students who become eligible for the Linfield Tuition Commitment will have their previous scholarships, including Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend awards and participation awards, maintained as part of their revised offer of financial aid.

12) Materials students submitted as part of their exam (i.e., essays written) are not returned to the Office of Admission or the student participants.