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First Year Application

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The first year application process

Linfield welcomes first-year applicants who will enroll directly after high school. This includes those who completed early college programs, such as Running Start.

An offer of admission is based on individual merit through a comprehensive review process. Our admission committee evaluates applications based on academic performance in high school, writing and a demonstrated ability to be successful at Linfield. 

Here’s how to apply:

Common Application

Complete the Common Application, which will provide us with your important demographic information including where you live and go to school, family background and extracurricular activities.

To add Linfield to your Common Application:

  1. Login to your Common Application account
  2. Click on the College Search tab
  3. Search for Linfield
  4. Click on the Blue plus sign next to Linfield in the search results

Personal essay and member question

Your writing will be used to understand your communication skills, as well as an opportunity to learn more about you as a person and student. Select a topic or prompt that will be interesting and meaningful to you. Write, review and revise as you would for any school paper or project seeking a grade.

Linfield requires you to submit the personal essay. You can find this under the writing section of the Common Application. The topics, which may change each year, are included on the Common Application. It is limited to 650 words.

You will also be required to submit a short answer (no more than 250 words) to a question specific to Linfield. You will find it under Linfield, on the My Colleges tab:

  1. What fictional character would you choose as your college roommate and why?

Letters of recommendation and transcripts

Your high school counselor will submit the following forms and documents on your behalf through the Common Application or another electronic platform. A teacher recommendation is optional. 


  • School report: will provide demographic information about your school
  • Counselor recommendation: optional to provide additional information about you
  • Official transcript: should show all courses and grades through the most recently completed term
    • If you are apply for Early Action, you are also required to submit a mid-year transcript
    • Enrolling students are required to submit a final transcript with graduation date clearly marked


  • Teacher recommendation (optional)

On the My Colleges tab, under Linfield, you will find a Recommenders and FERPA section. Here, you will submit the FERPA Release Authorization, which authorizes the release of your educational records, and invite your counselor to submit these materials.

As part of the FERPA Release Authorization, you have the right to waive or not waive the review of documents submitted on your behalf.

Once completed, you may invite your school counselor to submit their materials for your application.

You are responsible for following up with your counselor regarding the submission of these materials.

Transcripts are reviewed for the completion of key courses and progress from year-to-year. This includes increasing difficulty in coursework and sustained demonstrated success. If you have experienced specific challenges, it is best to provide context within the additional information section of the Common Application.

Official test scores

Applicants for fall 2023 – fall 2024 start terms are not required to submit test scores to complete their application. Test scores will not be used in the admission, scholarship or financial aid process.

International students

International students can review the application instructions here.

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