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Dining Services

Students dining in Dillin Hall

Dillin Hall and Dining

Dillin Hall is our main dining facility on campus. But don't forget about Starbucks and Wildcat Express! Discover plans, hours of operation and what's new this year.
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Meal Plans for 2021-22

PLAN A: Unlimited Plan

Unlimited meals + $125 flex

$2,970 per semester | $680 January Term

The Unlimited plan allows you unlimited access to the All-You-Care-to-Eat (AYCE) food services in Dillin Hall as much – and as often – as you’d like. You can enter for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even stop in for a snack or two during the day.

This plan is for an individual student and is non-transferable.

During fall and spring semesters, the unlimited plan provides $125 in flex dollars to use at the Wildcat Express, Starbucks or to purchase other retail/to-go items in Dillin.

PLAN B: Weekly Plan

Twelve meals per week + $330 flex

$2,890 per semester | $655 January Term

The weekly plan allows you to enjoy any 12 All-You-Care-to-Eat (AYCE) meals in Dillin per week, plus $330 in flex dollars (during fall and spring semesters).

This plan typically appeals to students who do not eat every meal at Dillin and provides more flex dollars to use at the Wildcat Express, Starbucks or to purchase other retail/to-go items in Dillin.

Note: Unused AYCE meals do not carry over from week to week.

PLAN C: Block Plan

100 Meals per semester + $600 flex

$2,755 per semester | $625 January Term

The block plan allows you to enjoy any 100 All-You-Care-to-Eat (AYCE) meals in Dillin Hall per semester, plus $600 in Flex Dollars (during Fall and Spring semesters). This plan allows you to use your block plan allotment to purchase AYCE meals for family and friends, and provides the highest level of Flex Dollars to use at the Wildcat Express, Starbucks or to purchase other retail/to go items in Dillin.

Note: Unused AYCE meals do not carry over from semester to semester.

January Term and spring semester meal plan selections are made online through the housing portal.


All students in residence halls or fraternity housing are required to be on a meal plan. There is no exemption.

For the first semester that you attend Linfield (including transfer students) and live in a residence hall, you start with the unlimited meal plan. For the second semester and thereafter, a different option may be chosen. If no meal plan is indicated on this form, the unlimited meal plan will be assigned to your account.

Meal plan changes may only be made during the first two weeks of fall and spring semesters, and during the first two days of January Term. Changes before the designated date can be made through the Housing Office.

Our campus dining services program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. For special dietary needs or concerns, contact Javier Lopez, Director of Dining Services:

Linfield University shall provide meals on a regular basis subject to the Food Service Board Contract. Your student account must be "cleared" to eat on the meal plan. Student ID cards are used as meal cards and are required for service. This meal plan contract agreement begins with breakfast on your first day on campus and ends with the conclusion of the academic year.

Dillin Hall will be closed during:

  • Thanksgiving break
  • Semester break
  • January Term break
  • Spring break

Wildcat Cash is separate from the Linfield University meal plan. You may purchase Wildcat Cash by visiting the Dining Services.


One of our main goals is to provide a pleasant, clean, comfortable and satisfying dining experience. We ask for your assistance with the following procedures:

  • Please bus your table when you have finished dining.
  • Meal cards are non-transferable. They cannot be used by anyone other than the purchaser.
  • You must present your ID card to gain access to the AYCE meals and for retail purchases.
  • We make every effort to reduce our carbon foot print on the environment, please don’t waste food.
  • Please refrain from taking dishes, flatware and glassware from the dining area.