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Where faith and knowledge meet, and truth and justice embrace.


Chaplain: Rev. Dr. David L. Massey

The Linfield chaplaincy is dedicated to the spiritual nurture and ethical stimulation of the college community. The chaplaincy’s primary task is faith development, which it encourages through worship services, fellowship groups, community service, lectures, retreats, individual conversations and a campus resource and meeting center, the Emmaus House. But faith development is not an end in itself. For the Linfield chaplaincy, growth of faith in God requires a clearly articulated understanding of one’s own faith group, the promotion of goodwill among religions, and a commitment to a just, sustainable and participatory society.

Linfield University traces its roots to an institution established by the Baptists and chartered in 1858 by the territorial legislature. Linfield is now an independent liberal arts college that values its Baptist heritage. The Baptist principles of freedom of thought, religious independence, and service to others still motivate the Linfield community. One’s spiritual nurture and growth is an important part of a college experience. Linfield encourages each individual to integrate his or her personal faith and ethical growth with the formal education and social life Linfield offers.


Religious diversity is very important to us at Linfield. Spirituality and/or religious faith is a critical part of personal development. Our hope is that incoming students affirm their own traditions, while being respectful of other students’ faith practices. To that end we encourage each student to learn something about other traditions and to experience them if possible. It is our belief that we will learn more about our own faith by encountering and understanding the faith of others.

The Chaplain's office is located in Melrose 110 and can be reached at 503.883.2259

Chaplain’s Office
Linfield University
900 SE. Baker ST.
McMinnville, Oregon, 97128