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The Linfield Fund

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Gifts of any size help students

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Gifts to Linfield, no matter the size or designation, are vital to the success of Linfield students. Whether you’re interested in providing cutting-edge classroom technology, funding student scholarships, supplying resources for classrooms, labs, or life on campus, your gift helps ensure students experience a transformative education. From beakers, flasks, and microscope slides to textbooks, scantron sheets, and art supplies, your support can impact even the smallest of needs.

Your generosity supports the resources that make a Linfield education a powerful experience. Continue reading to discover the specific impacts your gift can make. And meet some of our recent scholarship students!

Scholarships and financial aid

Linfield University is frequently recognized as one of the best educational “buys” in the country, and yet the costs of a high-quality college education can still stretch student resources. To defray costs and reduce post-graduation debt loads, Linfield provides scholarships and financial aid to more than 95% of its student body, with an average award of $29,000 per student. Your gifts to the Linfield Fund allow Linfield to admit smart, accomplished students regardless of economic status and provide students the freedom to focus on intellectual and personal development.

Campus improvements

Linfield is known around the country for its park-like McMinnville campus, the thriving urban atmosphere of its Portland campus and the convenience and intimacy of its satellite continuing education campuses located around the Pacific Northwest. Modern classrooms, safe and welcoming residence halls, expansive green space -- your gifts to the Linfield Fund help preserve the grounds and structures that have sheltered the Linfield community for more than 160 years.


Classroom technology and instruction have become firmly intertwined, and state-of-the-art computer and media systems drive students’ educational experience. In the last year, gifts to the Linfield Fund have furnished multi-media conferencing facilities, a virtual “sandbox” classroom where faculty can test new teaching technologies, and blended learning workshops where faculty learn how to integrate the best online resources within traditional courses.

Dedicated faculty

Inspiring and compassionate faculty are the heart of a Linfield education. In fact, Linfield has been recognized as a rare college where professors remain focused on student development and where small class sizes and commitment to individual learning deliver an exceptional learning experience. Your gifts to the Linfield Fund provide the resources to attract and provide competitive salaries for creative faculty with a commitment to the classroom.

Far-reaching impact

Linfield Fund gifts also provide critical support for Nicholson Library, International Programs, Athletics and virtually every academic department on campus.

When you make a gift to the Linfield Fund, you’ll receive a fund report at the end of the year describing how your gift supported students. It’s a great way to track your investment in Linfield University.

Recent reports


For more information about making a gift to Linfield, contact the annual giving department by email or at 503-883-2217.