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Oak Grove in the morning sun

Scholarship Students

More than 95% of Linfield students need and receive financial support in order to attend Linfield.

Gifts to the Linfield Fund for student scholarships go directly in support of students and have an incalculable and positive effect on their lives. Thank you for considering a gift of support!

Meet our Recent Recipients

The Linfield Fund Student Scholarship

Linfield University banner
Mara Youngren-Brown '21
Linfield University banner
Exceeding Her Greatest Expectations
“I chose Linfield because I had family close by, but the biggest factor in my decision was the financial aid package. Linfield offered me the most generous scholarships, which was extremely important to me, especially since I am paying for my own college education.”
Pioneer Hall
Joel Toledo-Urana '20
Pioneer Hall
Giving Back As Much As He's Getting
“There are so many of us who would not be here without aid. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who donates. Without their help, I wouldn’t have come to college or have any inclination of what to do with my life.”
aerial of the Oak Grove
Austin Hilton '20
aerial of the Oak Grove
Seizing Every Opportunity
“Linfield is a special place. We have so many opportunities here – it’s what sets us apart from other schools. Support is important for us to continue.”