- Linfield College

Literature and Creative Writing majors are strongly encouraged to pursue experiential learning opportunities as part of their undergraduate education, with a number of venues available to them:


Majors may arrange internships for credit either through the Career Services Office or enrolling in ENGL 487.

Collaborative Research

Gifted students are periodically invited by English faculty to conduct collaborative research in support of specialized scholarship activity undertaken by those professors. Paid through Linfield’s collaborative research program, students in the past have translated the journals of 19 century French writer Marie Bashkirtseff, investigated the production histories of Shakespeare’s plays, and located the writing of fireside lookouts working for the U.S. Forest Service.

Peer Instructorships

Accomplished students are often invited to serve as peer instructors with English faculty in literature or Inquiry Seminar classes through ENGL 439 (for academic credit) or work study support (if student is eligible).

Writing Center Associates

Service as peer associates in the Linfield Writing Center (program to support students college-wide) is regularly available to talented undergraduate writers (majors and non-majors alike).

Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society

In spring 2013 the English Department proudly launched its chapter of the international English honor society Sigma Tau Delta with 20 members in the inaugural class. Sigma Tau Delta boasts many opportunities for publication, conference presentation, scholarship support, and networking at its website.