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Licensure requirements for teacher candidates

Getting your teaching license

To become a teacher in the state of Oregon, you need a teaching license issued by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, also commonly referred to as TSPC. All of the students that successfully complete the requirements of the Linfield Teacher Education Program will have fulfilled the requirements for an Oregon Preliminary Teaching license through TSPC.

Generally, the requirements for a preliminary teaching license include the following:

1) A bachelor's degree (or higher)

Coursework specific to your desired level of teaching, or teaching concentration. We call this licensure coursework, which will lead you toward an endorsement. An endorsement is an authorization on your teaching license. At Linfield, we offer licensure coursework for the following endorsements:

Linfield major program Oregon license endorsement
Elementary education Elementary multiple subjects
Secondary education and math Advanced mathematics, foundational mathematics
Secondary education and studio art Secondary education and art
Secondary education and biology or biochemistry and molecular biology Biology, foundational science
Secondary education and chemistry Chemistry, foundational science
Secondary education and health Health education
Secondary education and creative writing and literature Language arts, foundational language arts
Secondary education and environmental studies Foundational science
Secondary education and applied physics or physics Physics OR foundational science
Secondary education and music Music
Secondary education and human performance: exercise science Physical education (PE)
Secondary education and anthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology, sociology or law, rights and justice Social studies
Secondary education and French World language: French
Secondary education and Spanish World language: Spanish
Secondary education and theatre Drama

We also offer the following endorsements at the undergraduate as well as graduate levels:

Add-on endorsements Undergraduate Graduate options
English speakers for other languages (ESOL) Yes Yes
Special education generalist Yes, elementary education major only Yes

2) Test requirements and fees:

  • TSPC Fingerprinting and Background Clearance
    • To complete after education prerequisite courses. Offered during sophomore year or later.
    • Approximate cost: $73 ($61 for background check; $12 for fingerprints)
  • The Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment Modules
    • To complete before part-time student teaching. Before the first semester of senior year.
    • Approximate cost: $0
  • National Evaluation Series (NES) Tests (varies based on content area)
    • To complete before part-time student teaching. Before the first semester of senior year.
    • Approximate cost: $50-$100
  • Teacher Candidate Performance Assessment (TCPA) (varies based on content area)
    • Complete assessment during full-time student teaching. Second semester of senior year.
    • Approximate cost: $0 

Looking to transfer your teaching license to a different state? 

For program completers who are looking to transfer their Oregon state license to another state, we highly recommend looking up the licensing standards of your desired state where you would like to teach first (I.e. Washington, Hawaii, California, etc.). Oftentimes if you do not know the name of that state’s licensing organization, you can Google the state name and “teaching license.”

We do like to remind our program completers that some licensing standards vary state to state, which may mean they require an additional test or course. Please be sure to check the site thoroughly, or feel free to get in touch with our Program Coordinator in the Education Department.

These eight states have full reciprocity with an Oregon Teaching License:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • Oklahoma

Additionally, Oregon has signed the NASDTEC agreement. This means that there is reciprocity with all states who have signed the agreement, but the teacher may need to complete additional requirements.  This varies by state.  Here is an interactive map that shows reciprocity by state.

Looking to renew your Oregon teaching license?

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Your license is valid for three years. It will expire on your birthday. (That means it is valid for three years plus any additional time it takes to get to your birthday.)
  • TSPC will send you a reminder via email, as well as information about any licensure changes. It is important that you provide them with a personal email address to use after you graduate from Linfield.
  • You may renew your preliminary teaching license as many times as you like until you have met the requirements for the professional teaching license.
    • In order to renew your preliminary teaching license, you will need to earn 75 professional development units – or PDUs.

What are PDUs and how do I get them?

PDUs can be earned by:

  • Completing college courses
  • Attending workshops and conferences
  • Participating in other learning activities intended to increase the attendee's effectiveness as an educator

PDUs must include activities intended to increase your effectiveness as an educator. PDU activities must fall within one of seven Standards for Professional Learning. Find more information.

PDUs are calculated as follows:

  • One hour of continuing PDU activity = 1 PDU
  • One-quarter hour of college credit = 20 PDUs
  • One-semester hour of college credit = 30 PDUs

If you are teaching in a school district, your district will confirm your PDUs and submit a form to TSPC. However, you are responsible for keeping track of PDUs and completing a short report of how you met your PDU requirement. Find more information.

Additional information

If you would like more information on renewing your teaching License, advancing to or renewing a professional teaching license, or acquiring PDUs, visit TSPC. You can also contact Carrie Kondor ( or Ingeborg Momberg ( for further assistance.