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Flowers in bloom with Linfield's historic Pioneer Hall in the background.


This page lists courses which are not offered frequently enough to be in the course catalog, but which have been offered recently.

Course Title
ANTH 290 Plants and Society
ARTS 315 Topics in Visual Studies
BIOL 204 Introduction to Ecology
BIOL 345 Essentials of Immunology
BIOL 405 Topics in Pathophysiology
CHEM 120 Chemistry in the Atmosphere
ELCP 100 Introductory Listening/Speaking
ELCP 150 Acad/Exper Encounters in US
ELCP 180 TOEIC Preparation
ELCP 190 Adv Academic Skills
ENGL 260 Transatlantic Literature
ENGL 315 Academic Writing/Consulting
ENGL 343 The British Romances
ENVS 306 Fire History and the Cascades
HHPA 021 Aqua Aerobics
HHPA 029 Cycling
HHPA 030 Soccer
HHPA 051 Team Building and Outdoor Pursuits
HHPA 053 Volleyball, Soccer and Golf
HHPA 054 Basketball/Speedball/Softball
HHPA 055 Racquet Sports
HHPA 064 Basic Massage
HHPA 086 Advanced Tennis
HHPA 388 Elem Health & PE Methods
HIST 213 Colonialism/Slavery Lat Amer
HIST 240 European History on Film
HIST 243 History of Russia to 1801
HIST 316 History of Mexico
HIST 320 Empire and Aftermath in Asia
HIST 346 Europe and the West since 1939
HIST 375 History of Baseball
HIST 376 History of Soviet Russia
HIST 377 The Soviet Union, 1917-1953
HIST 378 The Soviet Union and the Cold War
HSCI 340 Health Care in America
HSCI 370 GIS for Science
HSCI 395 Great Science Books 21st Century
IDST 012 Experiential Leadership Seminar
IDST 050 Career Exploration
IDST 211 Overview/Careers Helping Prof
MUSC 080 African Dance
MUSC 189 Understanding Dance
MUSC 326 Orchestration
MUSC 328 Contrapuntal Tech
NURS 009 Asst in Research Activities
NURS 030 Spanish Healthcare Terminology
NURS 050 ELC Student Mentor
NURS 358 HIV Nursing
PHIL 320 Ethical Theory
PHIL 340 Philosophy of Biology
PHYS 102 The Physics of Art and Music
POLS 312 Rebels, Thugs, and Skeptics: Twentieth Century Political Theory
POLS 325 U.S. Supreme Court
POLS 326 The American Presidency
POLS 335 Topics in Public Policy
POLS 372 Islamist Movements/Mid-East Politics
PSYC 275 Learning
PSYC 330 Social Psych of Terrorism
PSYC 341 Media and Child Development
PSYC 391 Abnormal Psychology
RELS 200 New Testament Greek
RELS 201 Greek Readings
RELS 219 Hinduism
RELS 254 Folklore and Mythology
RELS 340 Monks and Mystics
RELS 367 Scribes and Schools: Recording Ancient Wisdom
RELS 382 Mahayana Buddhism
RELS 383 Tibetan Buddhism
RELS 435 Death and Dying