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Linfield University will transfer courses as indicated below unless a transfer credit policy would be violated (refer to transfer credit pages or the Linfield University Course Catalog for more information). Because course offerings are subject to change at all institutions, these transfer grids are constantly being updated and added to.

Please note that ccourses taken at institutions on the quarter calendar system will transfer as 2/3 of the transcripted credit. See semester vs. quarter credits for more information. When considering transferring credits toward Linfield Curriculum requirements, please review Linfield University guidelines.

Prospective students: Have specific questions about a transfer course? Contact the Office of Admission at 503-883-2213 or For courses that are not listed in the database below, please consult the Office of Admission.

Current enrolled Linfield students: If you have specific questions about a transfer course, contact the registrar's office at 503-883-2211 or All current Linfield students must submit a Transfer Approval Form in Etrieve before registering for a course at another institution.