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Grief and Loss Resources

If you would like to speak with someone about your or other's experiences with grief, please contact Dave Massey at 503.883.2259 or to set up a confidential appointment and/or just to talk.

Web resources

For those going through the grieving process, it is common to have both physical and emotional responses and reactions.  Taking care of yourself, seeking support, and acknowledging your feelings during these times are ways that can help you cope.

Normal reactions to grief

  • have difficulty concentrating
  • feel sad or depressed
  • be irritable or angry
  • feel frustrated or misunderstood
  • experience anxiety, nervousness, or fearfulness
  • experience guilt or remorse
  • be ambivalent
  • feel numb
  • lack energy and motivation
  • withdrawal

Coping with grief

  • talk to family and friends
  • seek counseling and/or spiritual support
  • read poetry or books
  • engage in social activities
  • exercise and eat healthy foods
  • join a support group
  • be patient with yourself
  • let yourself feel grief

Supporting others who are grieving

  • be a good listener
  • ask about their feelings and loss
  • offer practical help
  • acknowledge the pain
  • let them feel sad
  • be patient
  • do not minimize grief