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sunlight shining over the top of Pioneer Hall

Area Worship

We encourage you to find a local worshipping community of faith. It provides a diversity of experience, time away from campus and often a feeling of a second family.

McMinnville area churches

Portland area resources



  • Portland Gathering
    Portland Public Library
  • Olive Farm
    5120 SE Milwaukie Avenue
    Portland, OR 97202

Greek Orthodox

  • Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
    3131 NE Glisan St
    Portland, OR 97232


  • Beth Israel (Reform)
    1972 NW Flanders Street
    Portland, Oregon 97209
  • Congregation Neveh Shalom (Conservative)
    2900 SW Peaceful Ln
    Portland, OR 97239
  • Congregation Shaarie Torah (Traditional)
    920 NW 25th Avenue
    Portland, Oregon 97210
  • Temple Beth Sholom (Reconstructionist)
    1795 Broadway NE
    Salem, Oregon 

Muslim mosques

Halal markets

  • Halal Meats & Mediterranean Foods
    11705 SW Pacific Hwy
    Portland, OR 97223


Additional resources

Baptist Peace Fellowship

The purpose of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America is to unite and enable Christians to make peace with justice in a warring world.


An independent, non-affiliated, multi-faith e-community that strives to provide information, inspiration and interaction between belief groups.


A philosophy, a movement and an organization. Chabad-Lubavitch offers an array of programs, services and institutions to serve the Jewish community.

Interfaith Calendar

Just what the title implies, a calendar that notes holy days for most of the major religious traditions. It also provides a dictionary of terms and an explanation of some holy days and their origin.

Jewish Peace Fellowship

A peace fellowship that the Jewish tradition is a continual calling toward peace, justice and compassion, a tradition whose goal is to bring all people to the consciousness that peace and not war is where we should direct our vision, energy and lives.

MethodX (the way of Christ)

An online Christian community where young adults (college to 30s) can identify and explore their relationships with God and with others.

Muslim Peace Fellowship

"To work against injustice and for peace in ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. To encourage a greater commitment to peace on behalf of all Muslims. To explore and deepen our understanding of Islamic teachings about peace and nonviolence. To expose the falsehood of the popular stereotype that Islam is a religion that teaches terrorism and violence. To reach out to people of other religious traditions in an effort to create mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect..."


A Christian ministry whose mission is to proclaim and practice the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice.