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McMinnville Campus Clubs and Organizations

students playing a game on the IM field during the 2020 orientation

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Find out ways you can get involved in one of the more than 70 opportunities on Linfield's McMinnville campus – or even organize a new club! There's always room to do more of what you love and share the passion with your peers.

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Linfield's clubs and professional organizations are facilitated through student government, ASLU. They provide social, cultural, athletic and recreational activities as well as opportunities for leadership development. Explore our more than 70 opportunities organized here by category.

Athletic and recreation

From outdoor recreation to wrestling, these Linfield clubs and organizations will keep you active.

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Community service

Dedicate your time to helping others in the community through these organizations providing opportunities for service, leadership and fellowship.


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The cultural clubs on Linfield's McMinnville campus are some of our most active and add vibrancy to the fabric of our community.

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Gather socially and participate in thoughtful discussions with your peers on today's current events. These clubs are open to every student on campus, regardless of political beliefs.

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Develop professional skills, network and make connections alongside your peers in clubs like Learning Across Boundaries (LAB) and the Business Student Association (BSA).

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Religious and spiritual

Develop your faith and build friendships through our religious and spiritual groups.

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Special interests

From art to wine and media to advocacy, clubs of special interest offer a taste for everyone.

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Student government

Make a difference on campus with organizations like the Associated Students of Linfield University (ASLU) or Wildcat Events Board (WEB).


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Representing diversity

Take a deeper dive into some of our most popular student-led organizations on campus.

  • Black Student Union

    Linfield's Black Student Union (BSU) brings together and acknowledges individuals of all diversities while striving to especially give unique insight and education in Black culture.

  • Linfield University Pride (LUP)

    Linfield University Pride (LUP) provides a space to talk about experiences, learn about sexuality and gender with a focus on LGBTQIA+ social climates and Linfield and globally.

  • Hui o Lōkahi

    Linfield’s Hawaiian Lu’au is a cherished annual spring tradition organized by Hui o Lōkahi (formerly the Hawai’i Club). The Aloha spirit is alive and energized in our community through this cultural club.

  • Linfield University Latinx Adelante (LULA)

    LULA strengthens our Hispanic/LatinX/ChicanX community by nurturing holistic development and academic success through relationship building, programming, advocacy and mentorship that has its core in inclusion.

  • Spanish Club

    A student-led club that aims to expose the Linfield community to the richness of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.

  • Students Advocating for Gender Equality (SAGE)

    SAGE actively works toward gender equality both at Linfield University and in the greater community.

The Office of Student Activities

Contact Us

The Office of Student Activities on McMinnville's campus supports and connects students with activities and involvement outside of the classroom. Please reach out to us with your questions. We'd love to connect with you!

portrait of Keri Jones, director of student activities
Keri Knight
Director of Student Activities
McMinnville Campus, Riley Hall