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fall tree leaves on campus

Alternative Spring Break

A week-long immersion program

Spend a week with your peers making a difference in places like Utah, California or Mexico. Each year's destination is different, but your mission remains the same – helping others in meaningful ways.

Participating in Linfield's Alternative Spring Break program allows you to:

  • Take steps toward becoming an active and empowered citizen
  • Learn about the importance of nonprofits, civic engagement, service-learning and philanthropy
  • Learn about a social issue, from root causes to related current events
  • Grow your sense of community
  • Explore your own identity as an agent of social change
  • Develop multicultural awareness
  • Develop and strengthen skills to help your future, including interpersonal, communication, working in groups and problem-solving
  • Explore your own values and perceptions of the world, and engage in meaningful dialogue with peers

Support this Program

Our students pay to participate in this program out of their own pocket or through fundraising efforts. We appreciate support in our program in a number of ways – from group dinners, guest speaking or sponsoring a student's trip who might not otherwise be able to afford the experience. If you are interested in donating in any fashion, we'd love to hear from you!

Ways to give