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Journalism and Media Studies

JAMS student

Pursue your passion for storytelling.

Studying in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies (JAMS) at Linfield uncovers the researcher, writer, creator, producer and artist in you.

Whether you’re here to major in journalism and media studies, minor in media studies or meet your Linfield Curriculum requirements, this is your opportunity to learn about the media industries and gain confidence in using your voice to tell stories.

Storytelling is more than words.

Stories are not only told through writing, but also with the power of audio, video, photography and graphic design. The media include a variety of channels, including newspapers, magazines, film, television, radio, news sites, social media and other online platforms. They convey entertainment, journalism and strategic communication (public relations and advertising).

Your studies will explore them all and allow you to specialize in one area if you choose. Our courses will prepare you to create stories that inform, entertain and persuade.

We encourage you to pursue a minor or a second major in another subject area to develop knowledge you can apply to your media projects. JAMS majors are often drawn to Linfield’s programs in:

Meet our JAMS students

Voices of Linfield

The Flood family pictured together at Linfield's homecoming 2021 football game
Annie Flood '25 biting her gold medal
The Flood family pictured together at Linfield's homecoming 2021 football game
Making My Life Extraordinary
"When my parents finally made the decision, they knew amputation was the best choice for me and that the doctors were going to be right. However, there was one thing that the doctors were completely wrong about. I was going to be anything but ‘normal’, I was going to be extraordinary, and my family made sure of that."
Linfield University banner
Kendall Harrison '21 and Nathaly Sanchez '21 in Linfield's podcast studio
Linfield University banner
NPR Podcasting Honors
Nathaly Sanchez '21 and Kendall Harrison '21 received honorable mentions in the NPR Podcast Challenge on April 6, putting them in the top 25 winning podcasts from college students across the country. Linfield is one of only two schools that had multiple students in the top 25.