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Meet Jake Downing '25

Pairing His Two Passions

Posted on 09.20.23 by Mariah Johnston '25 in College of Arts & Science

Portrait of Jake Downing '25.“When I came on my visit, Linfield felt like home.”

Since his junior year of high school, Linfield junior Jake Downing '25 knew basketball and photography was something he couldn’t live without. Even with some doubts during the pandemic, Jake knew Linfield was the only school that could fulfill his passions.

From Seattle, Wash., Jake is a journalism and media studies (JAMS) major, basketball player and staff photographer for The Linfield Review. His combined passion for photography, media and basketball makes his time at Linfield a little more unique than usual.

Josh DowningExploring his two passions

While it seems like sports and photography are two different mediums, Jake has had the opportunity to put the two together creating a learning environment based on his specific interests.

“Linfield has given me the ability to continue playing the sport I love and has given me the opportunity to explore photography in a way I didn’t think I would have been able to,” said Jake. “I’ve always wanted to be a professional photographer and being a part of the JAMS department has given me the opportunity to explore that passion further.”

Being an athlete and photographer, Jake has developed a keen eye for sports photography. As a photographer for The Linfield Review, Jake has had the opportunity to shoot all of Linfield’s sports teams.

Softball and football are definitely my favorites to photograph,” he said. “I just love the energy the softball players bring to the table.”

More than just a game

For Jake and his fellow teammates, basketball is more than just a game. It’s an escape from everything going on in this world—it’s a mental reset.

“I know for myself and for so many others that basketball is a mental outlet,” he said. “Whenever you are on the court running up and down, your mind lets go of all things in life which is very refreshing.”

As he enters his junior year, Jake continues exploring his opportunities at Linfield, by utilizing the small school atmosphere to further expand his creativity and passions.