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Group of students walking alongside the new W.M. Keck Science Center.

High Performance Computing

The Linfield University Department of Chemistry maintains a pair of PSSC Labs dual hex-core Xeon workstations equipped with a family of molecular modeling software (Gaussian09, QChem in production; Gamess, MOPAC, Tinker, and Quantum Espreso in development) available for faculty and student use.

Request a WebMO account

WebMO access from on-campus

  • che-QM-11 (Gaussian 09 / QChem)
  • che-QM-12 (Gamess, MOPAC, Tinker, and Quantum Espresso in development)

WebMO access from off-campus

  • che-QM-11
  • che-QM-12 (Gamess, MOPAC operational/Tinker and Quantum Espresso in development)