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McMinnville campus on an early fall morning

Student Projects

Since 2011, senior environmental studies capstone classes have assessed the land, habitat, plants, wildlife and water quality of Cozine Creek running through Linfield's campus. Review their project reports and findings here. 


native flowers and foliage in Cozine Creek

Spring 2020 report

Barber Property Inventory and Assessment

In 1979 and again in 1993, Paul A. Barber donated a total of 11.6 acres to the city of McMinnville, now known as the Barber Property. Our students provide a greater understanding of the location, its condition, and hopes for enhancing the ecological values and social uses of this unique forested property.

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Native flowers in Cozine Creek area

Spring 2019 report

Cozine Site Assessment and Management Plan

The senior environmental studies class of 2019 conducted individual projects during their capstone course. This report provides an updated site assessment and management recommendations based on the conditions of the Cozine Creek natural area during the spring semester.

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student collecting water quality data at research site

Spring 2018 report

Cozine Restoration Project

The senior environmental studies class of 2018 obtained a $15,000 grant from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) to begin restoration efforts with help from GYWC and Upshot, LLC, a local restoration contractor. This report provides a foundation for future efforts.

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native flowers and foliage in Cozine Creek

Spring 2017 report

Cozine Restoration Management Plan

The class of 2017 surveyed Linfield's 30-acre parcel and made recommendations on restoration efforts – from the area vegetation, habitat and water quality to social uses. The goal of this report is to begin a sustained community-based restoration of the property.

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Eastern overflow culvert

Spring 2016 report

Cozine Inventory and Assessment

This report provides a comprehensive inventory and assessment of the natural environment of Linfield's 30-acre Cozine Creek property. The class of 2016 considers the history, current uses, concerns and preferences associated with this valuable campus resource.

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