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Admission and application requirements

Admission requirements for our adult degree pathway to a bachelor’s degree in elementary education

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.75. This GPA is calculated on all courses completed at the time of application
  • Completion of all general education requirements; see Linfield community college education transfer guide
  • Completion of all pre-education coursework (transferred from an Oregon community college). Linfield offers some prerequisites through our Online and Continuing Education (OCE) program as a non-degree student. The prerequisite requirements are:
    • EDUC 150: Foundations of Education (3 credits)
    • EDUC 260: Equity and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (3 credits)
    • EDUC 200: Learning & Development (3 credits)
    • EDUC 210: Foundations of Inclusion & Special Education (3 credits)
    • Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I (4 credits)
    • Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II (4 credits)
  • While it is not required that you complete an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree before starting Linfield’s program, it is strongly recommended.
    • If you have attained an AAOT, you will have met the majority of the general education requirements for your bachelor’s degree.
    • If you already hold a first bachelor’s degree in another major, you have already met the general education requirements.

Application requirements

  • Submit a completed application
  • Request that all official transcripts are sent to the Office of Admission:
  • $50 application fee (paid online when you submit your application)

Transferring credits

You can refer to our transfer course guide and/or transfer equivalency system (TES) articulation guides to determine if your courses meet Linfield’s education prerequisites. Linfield also offers free pre-admission transcript evaluations to assist you in understanding how your transfer credits will be applied to this degree.

If you are submitting transcripts from international universities, you must have your transcript(s) officially evaluated by a NACES or AICE member organization and the official evaluation and official transcript must be submitted to Linfield University, at your expense. 

Linfield's adult degree pathway to a bachelor's degree in elementary education has no credit expiration. This means you are able to maximize your credits from your prior college experience. An official evaluation will be completed by our registrar’s office once you apply for admission and submit official transcripts from all institutions attended.

Degree requirements

If this is your first bachelor's degree:

  • Completion of at least 125-semester credits for a bachelor's degree in education:
    • Up to 72-semester credits (108 quarter credits of general education and pre-education coursework completed at an Oregon community college)
    • 20 pre-education credits completed at an Oregon community college (as part of the 72 credits listed above)
    • 63 credit hours completed at Linfield University

If you already hold a bachelor's degree in a different area of study:

  • 20 pre-education credits completed at an Oregon community college
  • 63 credit hours completed at Linfield University

Requesting an unofficial transcript evaluation

For security reasons, please do not send your transcripts via email.


Schedule an appointment with an admission counselor for additional information.