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Study Abroad Opportunities in Mathematics

Semesters abroad

math students study abroad in AsiaYou are encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities Linfield offers for studying abroad. Many of our math majors have participated in semester abroad programs all over the world. In fact, one of the reasons that we have worked to keep the math major flexible is so that you can be off-campus for a semester without the feeling of falling behind in your math program.

One program of particular interest to students of mathematics is the Budapest Semester in Mathematics Program. This is an exciting and competitive program that a number of our students have been accepted to. If you are interested, please chat with one of the math faculty.

January Term study abroad courses

In addition to the semester programs, the math department has regularly offered January Term off-campus courses specifically focused on mathematics.

In fact, a course from our department has run on average once every other year since 2008. Some have followed in the footsteps of Leonhard Euler, considered one of the most prolific mathematicians of all time, through Russia, Germany and Switzerland.

And another through China and Japan examining ancient Chinese mathematics and culture and its influence on Japanese culture and wasan, the traditional mathematics of Japan that flourished during the Edo period.

In 2020, our department offered a course with the physics department to study astronomy and mathematics in Australia. The highlight of this course was to meet and talk with Dr. Brian Schmidt, the Vice Chancellor of the Australian National University, and a 2011 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics. (He also happens to be a high school friend of Professor Chuck Dunn.)

Each of these courses has counted toward the major and minor in mathematics.


Professor Dunn with students in Australia

Thank you, Professor Dunn

Professor Dunn designed and led each of these courses. He feels strongly about creating opportunities for mathematics students abroad.

“I spent two terms abroad as and undergraduate. The first was in the Soviet Union studying language and culture, and the second was in London studying fine arts. Each of these experiences had a profound impact on me. Then in graduate school, I spent six months as a visiting foreign student in Beijing, China. Reflecting on each of these experiences has driven me to create opportunities for students where mathematics is part of the focus of the experience, a rarity in today’s college abroad options.”