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Department of Mathematics

Life After Linfield

Mathematics majors and minors pursue a wide variety of career options. Some majors stay directly involved with mathematics and take positions in teaching at either the secondary or college level. Linfield mathematics majors working in related fields include an actuary with a Seattle insurance firm, and a mathematician working for the National Security Agency, presumable breaking codes or performing some other duty related to national security.

A few of our best students each year decide to pursue graduate studies in mathematics or other areas. Currently, several students are working on the Ph.D. degree with full support. Several of these graduates are now on the faculties of colleges and universities, and two are employed as staff scientists at Boeing.

In addition to graduate study in mathematics, many majors are also interested in other areas. Traditionally, students majoring in chemistry and physics take a significant amount or coursework in mathematics. Some of these students also decide to major in mathematics even though their principal interest is in the other area. In recent years more students from the areas of economics, business and finance are studying mathematics. A recent mathematics minor has just completed a master’s degree in finance at the University of Arizona.

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