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Studying mathematics and computer science at Linfield

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Mathematics and computer science offer analytical tools and critical-thinking skills to all of us.

Here, you can major or minor in mathematics or data science. Our programs see that mathematics stands on its own as an artistic endeavor grounded in a challenging, precise argument. You will learn mathematical tools as well as habits of thought that will help you thrive as a life-long learner. 

We live in an increasingly technological world. Our computer science program is designed to build a solid base in the study of computing and provides in-depth knowledge of programming software engineering, networks and systems, computer graphics and database administration.

The experience gained in our department prepares you either for graduate study or for immediate employment in a wide range of businesses and industries.

In and beyond the classroom

Our courses of study have been designed to provide:

  • A precise study of core undergraduate mathematics for those interested in graduate studies in mathematics, and careers in mathematics or data science.
  • Support in disciplines in which advanced mathematics plays an important role, such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and economics.
  • Flexibility to earn double majors with a second field of study if you wish.
  • Mathematical literacy and quantitative reasoning skills.
  • Deep exposure to a wide variety of computer-related concepts, skills and machines.

You will take off-campus travel courses that count toward your major or minor, join in math or computer science competitions, pursue student-faculty collaborative research, and follow other Linfield mathematics and computer science alumni in pursuing a variety of meaningful careers.

Contact us

For more information about studying math at Linfield, please feel free to contact our department chair. We look forward to connecting with you!

Portrait of Professor Chuck Lundon.
Chuck Lundon
Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
900 SE Baker St, Taylor Hall, McMinnville, OR 97128