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Mathematics: Data Science Track

Major or Minor in

Mathematics: Data Science Track

Understanding data and algorithms has become more and more important for careers in healthcare, education, politics, business, and the natural sciences. Data science plays a central role in sports analytics, genetics, polling, Netflix recommendations, and images of black holes, to name a few places. If you like to generate and analyze data in order to better understand complicated processes, a mathematics data science major at Linfield University will help you develop tools needed to do so effectively as you pursue a career in your chosen field.

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As a mathematics: data science major at Linfield

you might take:

Data Science Seminar

Present and discuss of topics in data science, including interdisciplinary problems and techniques, careers, and ethics. (MATH 190)


Conduct computer-based exploration of large biological data sets in this project-based course. (BIOL 340)

Numerical Analysis

Investigate how to teach a computer to solve complicated mathematics problems for you. (MATH 380)

Studying mathematics: data science at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop quantitative and analytical skills that are applicable to a wide range of disciplines

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  • Use data-driven solutions to make and defend informed judgments

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  • Develop teamwork skills

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  • Apply data science to real-world problems and communicate their solutions effectively
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Michael Hitchman
Michael Hitchman
Department Chair and Professor
Taylor Hall