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Van in New Zealand

January Term

January Term in Peru

January Term Study Abroad Information

Each year, Linfield University offers eight to 12 faculty-led off-campus courses to locations around the world and destinations within the U.S. The courses offer a deep dive into a breadth of interesting, international topics, from coral reef ecology of The Bahamas to healthcare in Peru. Approximately 12 students are chosen by the faculty leaders for each course.

January Term 2023 at a glance

Off-campus courses

Three female students snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Diving into Coral Reef Ecology in The Bahamas

You'll obtain advanced scuba diving certification and spend a lot of time underwater on coral reefs. You'll meet with relevant people in the area to discuss the challenges of conserving these delicate environments while allowing residents to live on the islands.

Five female students walking crosswalk on Abby Road, London, England

Economics of Association Football (Soccer) in England

Explore the economic structure and issues related to association football (“soccer”) in England. Examine how soccer – the dominant spectator sport outside the U.S. – and professional leagues in England operate very differently from professional sports leagues in the U.S.

A mother with young child sitting on her lap in Peru

Healthcare in Peru

Provide nursing care in urban and rural areas of Peru. Gain cultural insights and understanding through collaboration with local partners, visit historical, environmental and healthcare sites and engage in integrative group discussions.


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