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Van in New Zealand

January Term

January Term in Peru

January Term Study Abroad Information

Each year, Linfield University offers eight to 12 faculty-led off-campus courses to locations around the world and destinations within the U.S. The courses offer a deep dive into a breadth of interesting, international topics, from coral reef ecology of The Bahamas to health care in Peru. Approximately 12 students are chosen by the faculty leaders for each course.

January Term 2024 at a glance

Off-campus courses

Student looking over a mountain

Cultural Experiences in Australia and New Zealand

Explore the connection of cultures by touring and studying storytelling practices that include, Maori Waiata (song), haka (dance), tauparapara (chants), rock carvings and paintings, and mōteatea (poetry).

Students standing infront of a monument

International Economic Impact of Sport Tourism in France and Austria

Examine the economic impact associated with sports tourism in major international cities for sporting events like the 2024 Summer Olympics, The French Open and the Tour de France.

A nursing student with a young patient in a hospital setting.

Health Care in United Arab Emirates

Linfield nursing students will explore the political, economic, religious and social forces, and their effects on health care delivery in the United Arab Emirates


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