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Semester Abroad in Ireland

Studying in Ireland

Interested in studying in the Cultural Capital of Ireland and perhaps learning some Irish? Linfield’s study abroad program at the National University of Ireland-Galway allows you to enroll in courses with Irish students, with a choice of interesting courses including Irish language, Gaelic Studies and Archaeology. Continue your experience of Irish culture with the required community service and perhaps signing up for a student club like Gaelic football.

“While I was abroad, I became involved in the International Student Society which allowed me to not only meet Irish students, but students from all over the world. It also was a great way of seeing Ireland, as they often planned outings in various parts of Ireland. I learned that cultures, although some may seem similar to our own, operate in different ways, but that does not necessarily make it wrong or strange, just different.”

—Liv Thomson

Travel to Ireland through the words of our students

Voices from abroad

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