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courtyard outside Walker Hall

Beyond the Classroom

The Department of Global Languages and Cultural Studies puts on multiple events throughout the year.

We have Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese weekly conversation practice led by our international language and culture assistants, cultural celebrations from around the world, parties to build a strong sense of belonging and support... and sometimes just because!

Broaden your cultural understanding, empathy and have fun by exploring other traditions, tasting different dishes or learning new musical rhythms. We invite you to join us!

Conversation cafe

Conversation table or café

A weekly conversation group over lunch or a mid-afternoon snack in either Chinese, French, Japanese or Spanish. It is open to all Linfield community members interested in improving their conversational skills while discussing exciting cultural topics in a relaxing setting.

language club

Language clubs

Student-led to expose peers to the richness of the cultures we teach in the department. All Linfield students are welcome to join the French, Japanese or Spanish club, no matter your language skill level or prior cultural experience.

Día de los Muertos

Cultural events

Including Día de los Muertos, Fiesta Latina, Francophone Day, Spanglish Day, cultural food tasting events, Japanese celebrations and traditions, and more. Around the holidays we sing carols in various languages and discuss New Year’s traditions around the world. We also have an end of year celebration to honor our graduates!