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Wine Lecture Series

Wine Lecture Series

Linfield College's Wine Lecture Series is supported by the Marka and Thomas Hughes Endowed Wine Lectureship Fund, providing for an ongoing series of lectures, panel sessions, roundtable discussions and films that feature speakers and filmmakers from Oregon and around the world covering diverse topics in wine. These events are free and open to the public.

Upcoming event:

Changemakers and Tastemakers: The Assemblage Symposium Celebrates New Voices and Trends in Oregon Wine 

Assemblage Symposium founder Rachel Adams and panelists discuss diverse voices and new trends in Oregon's growing wine scene, highlighting the important impact of women and minority communities throughout the industry.

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Monday, November 4th | 6:30pm

Delkin Lecture Hall, Linfield campus (in the Vivian Bull Center)

A wine reception will be held in the lobby following the lecture.


Assemblage is for all those who identify as women involved in the Oregon wine industry. We are intent on sparking deep & meaningful conversations around the specific challenges women in our industry face, with particular focus on magnifying the voices of those traditionally spoken over or omitted. We strive to create holistic solutions to current problems that lay a foundation for a more inclusive and productive wine industry. The first annual conference will be held on the Linfield College campus in January 2020.



Recordings from three of the Wine Lecture Series from 2018-2019 are now available for viewing through the DigitalCommons@Linfield at the links below. The Wine Lecture Series is made possible by the Marka and Thomas Hughes Endowed Wine Lectureship Fund.

Linfield College Wine Lecture Series: Lecture & Wine Tasting Masterclass (Marcus Johnson)
Linfield College Wine Lecture Series: Disrupting the Wine Status Quo: What Do We Really Know about Consumers, Wine History and Enjoying Wine with Food? (Tim Hanni)
Linfield College Wine Lecture Series: Panel Discussion of Red, White & Black (Kimberly Utti Amador, Jerry Bell, Jr., Remy Drabkin, Bertony Faustin, Greg Jones, & Jarod Sleet)