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Transferring Credits

What will transfer?

All courses approved for transfer must meet all Linfield transfer policies, including these important overarching policies:

  • All undergraduate, college-level courses completed at institutionally accredited colleges and universities are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.
  • Transfer coursework must be graded C (2.0) or higher
  • Demonstration of a C or better is required for transfer of Pass/Fail courses
  • Courses taken on the quarter calendar system will transfer as 2/3 of the transcripted credits. See "semester vs. quarter credits" for more information.

Coursework from four-year colleges and universities

Generally, full credit is awarded for coursework comparable to courses listed in the Linfield University course catalog that is completed at institutionally accredited four-year colleges and universities.

Coursework from two-year colleges

Up to 72-semester credits (108 quarter credits) of coursework completed at institutionally accredited two-year colleges can be transferred. These courses must be college-level, academic in nature and comparable to courses in the Linfield University course catalog. Professional and technical courses will not transfer, but up to 8 credits may be awarded for recognition of courses completed.

Semester vs. Quarter Credits

Converting quarter credits to semester credits

To reflect the difference in length between courses taken in a quarter system and those taken in a semester system, quarter-hour credits will be converted as 2/3 of a semester-hour credit.

Quarter hour credits earned Semester hour credits transferred to Linfield
1 0.67
2 1.33
3 2
4 2.67
5 3.33
6 4

Further explanation

Linfield operates on a semester-based 4-1-4 system. The fall and spring semesters follow the traditional semester system and are 15 weeks long. January Term is a condensed semester of four weeks during which students can take up to 5-semester credits (typically one academic course and one paracurricular course). 125 credits are required for graduation. Colleges and universities on the quarter system (classes meet for 10 weeks) require 180 credits for graduation.

The table below illustrates the difference between semester and quarter credits in relation to the academic calendar. Although the credits earned per year (and upon graduation) differ because of the semester-quarter conversion (see below), both pathways provide the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree. The credit values included in the table are intended to provide an example based on attending full-time; the number of credits you take during any given term may vary.

Note that for either academic calendar system time in school is similar if course load averages 15 credits per term during the academic year.

Linfield (semester system)

Fall semester
~15 weeks
January Term
 ~ 4 weeks
Spring semester
~15 weeks
15 cr 5 cr 15 cr 35 cr
15 cr   15 cr 30 cr
15 cr   15 cr 30 cr
15 cr   15 cr 30 cr
     Total credits 125

Quarter system schools

Fall quarter
~10 weeks
Winter quarter
~10 weeks
Spring quarter
~10 weeks
15 cr 15 cr 15 cr 45
15 cr 15 cr 15 cr 45
15 cr 15 cr 15 cr 45
15 cr 15 cr 15 cr 45
    Total credits 180