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Department of Psychology

Life After Linfield

After graduation, many psychology majors decide to pursue an advanced degree to gain research and practical experience in their specialized area of psychology.

Here are just a few examples of universities where Linfield students have pursued doctorates:

  • Brown University - clinical psychology
  • Kansas State University - curriculum and instruction
  • Purdue University - industrial engineering and aviation human factors
  • Texas Christian University - biopsychology
  • University of Oklahoma - industrial-organizational psychology

Additionally, some psychology majors have sought master degrees at the following institutions:

  • Boston College - psychology
  • Central Michigan University - industrial-organizational psychology
  • Johns Hopkins University - international health systems
  • Lewis and Clark College - counselling psychology
  • Northwest University - teaching
  • Seattle University - criminal justice
  • University of Chicago - clinical psychology
  • University of Illinois - human factors in aviation
  • University of Iowa - physician assistant program
  • University of Southern California - social work
  • Yale School of Divinity

To give you a sense of the range of career options available with a degree in psychology, below are examples of jobs some alumni have held or currently hold. Note that psychology majors work not just in the academic field, but also for the government and in the private sector.

  • Assistant professor at Harvard School of Public Health
  • Associate director of the University of Iowa Physician Assistant Program
  • Community affairs coordinator at Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Conservatorship worker at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
  • Developmental specialist at the Nevada Bureau of Early Intervention Services
  • Director of business development at Applied Physics Technologies
  • Health extension volunteer at the U.S. Peace Corps
  • President of the Physician Assistant Education Association
  • Research assistant at McLaughlin Research Institute
  • State and local marketing manager for Intel Corporation
  • Student aerospace experimental psychologist at the US Navy