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Students walking on campus on the first day of fall 2022

Step 7: Registering

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We know you are coming to Linfield to receive a quality education.

That is why we are committed to helping you sign up for the right classes to make the most out of your unique Linfield experience.

Course registration will begin in November for spring transfer students, April for fall transfer students and June for fall first-year students, including those with prior college credit from programs such as Running Start.

Here are the ways we’ll help prepare you for this process.

Registration and Orientation Leader Advising

What do registration and orientation leaders do?

Registration and orientation leaders (ROLs) are responsible for welcoming new first-year and transfer students to Linfield. During the first semester of classes, ROLs assist new students in four key areas: Sense of Belonging, Community Building, Navigating College and Academic Success.

ROLs will be assigned to new students as early as May and will assist them with course registration in June.

Faculty Advisor Guidance

Who is your faculty advisor?

New first-year students are required to enroll in an advising-designated course during their first semester. The faculty member teaching the advising-designated course is assigned as the student’s faculty advisor. All new first-year students enter Linfield as undecided, even if they know what academic program they intend to pursue. After their first semester, they may declare a major and request a faculty advisor in that academic program.

New transfer students generally declare a major when they begin at Linfield and are assigned a faculty advisor from their intended academic program. Transfer students who are undecided are assigned a faculty advisor who teaches one of their courses during the first semester.

What your academic advisor does:

Learning how to navigate university life can feel overwhelming, even as a transfer student coming to a new school. To help ease the transition, transfer students work closely with a faculty advisor and professional advising staff who serve as guides and mentors in preparation for college success. Your academic advisor will help you draft a plan to graduation, review your proposed class schedule before you register, help you navigate the registration process, and discuss all co-curricular opportunities available at Linfield.

Why meeting with your faculty advisor is important:

Not only is your faculty advisor an important resource and helpful person to get to know, you’re also required to meet with your academic advisor in order to register each semester.

Advising profile

Jun. 1
Fall first-year
Jun. 15
Fall transfer

First Semester Seminar Class

What is First Semester Seminar?

To introduce students to Linfield and launch them on a path to success, each new first-year student and some transfer students participate in First Semester Seminar. The shared experience covers a variety of global and campus-specific topics helpful for first-semester Linfield students. This year, those topics included COVID-19 safety and prevention, the confluence of civic unrest and the 2020 election. The seminar moves on to discuss how to prepare for faculty advising appointments, set goals, make intentional decisions, find campus resources, make the most out of your time at Linfield and more.

Be sure to send in:

  • Official final high school transcript that clearly shows the date of graduation
  • (first-year students)
  • Official final college transcript (transfer students)
  • Official AP or IB exam scores
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities where credits have been earned

Course registration

Late June
Fall first-year
Fall transfer
Spring transfer