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Students walking on campus on the first day of fall 2020

Step 6: Preparing

Next steps

New first-year and transfer students can prepare for class registration by completing the following tasks:

1) Access your Linfield email account

After your matriculation fee payment has been received, we’ll send a notification to your personal email address (the one you used when applying for admission) with your Catnet ID and instructions on how to access your Linfield email account.

  • The Catnet ID is your student username for all Linfield platforms requiring secure login, including your Linfield email account, WebAdvisor, CatConnect and library resources.
  • Your Linfield email address is the only email address the university, and your professors, will use to contact you as a Linfield student. The switch from your personal email to your Linfield email account will take place within several days of paying your matriculation fee.

2) Login to WebAdvisor

Using your Catnet ID, you will want to log into WebAdvisor, Linfield’s online system used to register for classes and access your unofficial Linfield transcript.

3) Completing campus forms

Lastly, before you can register for classes, you are required to complete the following forms in WebAdvisor.

Under the general profile section:

  • Campus emergency notification information: To ensure all students are aware of closures, delayed start times and other emergency situations, you’ll be asked to confirm alternative email addresses and phone numbers and opt-in to receive text messages.
  • Measles (MMR/MMRV) vaccination information: In compliance with Oregon law, Linfield University requires that all students born on or after January 1, 1957, document immunity to measles. You may need to contact your healthcare provider for your vaccine dates or other documentation to confirm immunity.
  • Emergency contacts: In case of an emergency, natural disaster or medical-related issue, the people you list on this form will be notified and contacted.

Under financial profile information:

  • Linfield Educational Services Agreement (LESA): To register for, enroll in and continue to attend classes at Linfield University, a student must complete the LESA form. On this form, you agree to pay, in full, all fees, tuition, books, housing, meal plan costs and other miscellaneous charges required by the university.

Under the FERPA forms section:

  • Disclosure of directory information: Linfield University designates certain student information as "directory information,” which may be released at the discretion of the university, unless the student requests that the information be withheld under provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended. Should you decide not to allow the release of your directory information, any requests from individuals or organizations outside of the Linfield community, including parents and family members, will be refused. This includes, but is not limited to, verification of enrollment for any purpose, listing in any campus directories, listing on the Dean’s List or other public recognition, and inclusion in university publications.