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Linfield University School of Nursing

Welcome to the Portland campus

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Twenty acres of powerful interactive learning opportunities

Since 1982, when Linfield joined together with the Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center to establish the oldest nursing education program in the Pacific Northwest, our program has been in high-demand. And in the spring of 2021, we opened our doors on a new campus in northeast Portland. This new full-service location puts us – and you – in a position to grow.

Three students in simulation lab with manikin in hospital bed.

Clinical simulation

The capacity of our simulation suites increased by 700%! The new campus includes four high-fidelity simulation suites with eight beds plus 24 clinical skills beds and the latest advancements in technology.

Lecture hall with students in class.

Teaching spaces

Doubling in size, space and capacity with 10 classrooms and lecture halls, 10 debriefing rooms, a campus library, computer lab, offices and conference rooms.

“The demand for nurses is increasing, and our school is growing to meet that demand. Our new, 20-acre, full-service campus in Northeast Portland is designed to support student learning at the highest level and encourage collaboration.”

—Paul Smith, Dean of the School of Nursing

Map of the new campus

Map of the new Portland campus

  1. Offices, conference rooms
  2. Classrooms, conference rooms
  3. Experiential Learning Center (ELC) E-F, conference room
  4. Classrooms
  5. Classrooms, Student Life
  6. Library, classroom, computer lab
  7. Experiential Learning Center (ELC) A-D
  8. Storage
  9. Storage
  10. Anatomy Lab
  11. Storage

A glance at the facilities

  • 20 acres

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  • Nearly 100,000 square feet of space

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  • 11 buildings

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  • Onsite library and computer lab

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  • Four simulation suites with eight beds plus 24 clinical skills beds

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Positioned to grow

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