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General Overview of ACEMAPP

ACEMAPP is an online platform that coordinates the details and requirements related to off-site clinical placements. In other words, ACEMAPP tracks your clinical site compliance. It is crucial you complete all assigned ACEMAPP assessments and requirements as clinical partners have direct viewing access to your account.

You will receive instructions for creating an ACEMAPP account during your first semester. Your Clinical Facilities Coordinator will notify you prior to your access start date.

Securing and assigning clinical placements is a detailed process. The majority of the local nursing programs and clinical partners belong to the Student Max Consortium (SMC) which helps facilitate placements.  Placements vary each semester. Placements granted by a clinical site in a former semester are not guaranteed for a future semester.

It is against the Consortium policy for students to approach sites or units within the Consortium area in an attempt to secure their own placement.


Clinical site onboarding instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Complio and ACEMAPP?

    While Complio tracks personal compliance, ACEMAPP tracks clinical site compliance. Once clinical site requirements are complete, it may be referred to as being "clinical site compliant."

  • Do I have to upload the same documents to Complio and ACEMAPP?

    No. You will link your Complio and ACEMAPP accounts so approved Complio items automatically sync with ACEMAPP. Therefore, you should never have to upload personal compliance items into ACEMAPP.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Your COVID-19 documentation may not properly sync from Complio to ACEMAPP. Even if your COVID-19 category is fulfilled in Complio, please ensure that this requirement is also fulfilled in ACEMAPP. Reuploaded your COVID-19 documentation directly to ACEMAPP if necessary.

  • What are the consequences of not becoming compliant or maintaining my achieved compliant status?

    Failure to complete your requirements by the deadline established can result in the delay or permanent termination of your clinical rotation.

  • Do friends and I have the same ACEMAPP requirements?

    No. Specific requirements and deadlines will vary based on assigned clinical placements. Thus, you cannot rely on your friends to remind you of your specific deadline!

  • Do I have to pay for the ACEMAPP subscription?

    ACEMAPP subscriptions are included in student fees. Since ACEMAPP is not utilized in semester 1, it is only charged in semesters 2, 3, and 4.

  • How will I know when I have been assigned a clinical rotation?

    You may receive emails from ACEMAPP, your professors, and/or your Clinical Facilities Coordinator. The timing may vary from semester to semester due to several factors, so stay in-tune with your Linfield email (including over breaks) as clinical details may be communicated prior to the semester.