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General Overview of Complio

Complio by American DataBank is an online tracking system used to host details and documentation proving your personal compliance with immunizations and other requirements. You will continue to utilize your Complio account and maintain compliance through graduation.

How do I use Complio?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get all my outstanding immunizations and lab work taken care of?

    Most immunization requirements can be completed at any healthcare facility. You may want to consider location and insurance.

    Drug screenings must be completed at a pre-authorized collection site, selected at time of order. Results are automatically uploaded to your account 72 business hours after collection is complete. Background check results will be automatically uploaded to Complio when completed.

  • What are the consequences of flagged background checks and/or drug screenings?

    Flagged background checks and/or drug screenings will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine consequences. Criminal history on a background check or flagged drug screenings may:

    • Be cause to deny or revoke admission to the School of Nursing
    • Impede student progression and placement in clinical sites and/or
    • Be cause for a student to be denied nursing licensure following graduation
  • What is a health passport, and how do I print it?

    In addition to maintaining your compliant status in the American Databank Complio online platform, you must carry a paper compliance report behind your Linfield badge. You are expected to reprint an updated Health Passport with any compliance status changes. Compliance and additional audits can be run at any clinical site anytime. Failure to meet criteria can result in warnings or fines, which reflects your level of professionalism as well as the standards of our nursing program.

    To view and print your Health Passport:

    1. Log into your Complio account
    2. Select the Report tab on the left side of your profile
    3. Print this and store this behind your Linfield badge at all times
  • How much does Complio cost?

    The Complio bundle costs $120 total – ($85) for a background check and drug screening and ($35) for a 30-month immunization tracking subscription. You are paying Complio to track and securely store immunization documents through the duration of the nursing program.

  • Who pays for Complio subscriptions?

    Students are responsible for the cost of the Complio subscription. They are not covered by the university or included in tuition fees.

  • Why is my Complio subscription expiring?

    The Linfield BSN Complio bundle includes a 30-month long subscription (2.5 years) to provide ample time for students to maintain compliance from the deadline in your admissions letter through graduation.

    However, if you initiate your Complio subscription and then fall out of progression for any reason (e.g., leave-of-absence or deferred admission), you will require a longer subscription time than originally paid for. 

    PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased your Complio BSN bundle prior to 2021, you only paid for a 24-month subscription. (Circumstances applicable to DEC21 and MAY22 cohorts).

    To rectify discrepancies in Complio subscriptions, you need to extend your subscription by the number of months left until your graduation.

  • How do I extend my Complio subscription?

    When your Complio expiration date approaches, you will receive an auto-email from Complio ( with renewal instructions – follow them accordingly.

    If issues arise, please contact Complio Technical Support directly, as your Clinical Facilities Coordinator has no control over subscriptions.

  • I received the MMR and Varicella vaccines but they were spaced more than the four to six-week timeframe listed on the requirements checklist. Will I have to repeat these?

    No, you will not have to repeat the series. Upload your documentation into Complio for review.

  • One or more of my separate blood titers for measles (Rubella), Mumps, and Rubella was negative. What do I do?

    Upload your titer results. Then, obtain proof of two MMR vaccines where the second vaccine is given no earlier than 30 days after the first vaccine.

  • My family thought I had Varicella (Chickenpox) as a child so I recently went in for my titer but it was negative. Now, what do I do?

    Upload your titer results. Then, obtain proof of two varicella vaccines where the second vaccine is given no earlier than 30 days after the first vaccine.

  • I do not yet have a positive titer for Hepatitis B. Will I still be able to start the nursing program?

    If you are in the process of receiving either your Hepatitis B initial series or your booster series because your initial titer was negative, you will be granted temporary compliance in this category – as long as you have approved documentation of, at minimum, one initial vaccine or one booster. 

    If you are repeating the series, you must submit your original doses and your initial Hep B titer to the appropriate items in the Hep B category. You will be expected to continue your booster series and upload documentation appropriately to keep your compliant status.

  • I am in the process of repeating my Hepatitis B series. Will I fall out of compliance between each step?

    No, you will be granted temporary compliance between repeat doses and your repeat titer.

    Date of dose 1 or booster 1 = 45 days of temporarily compliance

    Date of dose 2 or booster 2 = 6 months of temporarily compliance

    Date of dose 3 or booster 3 = 2 months of temporarily compliance

    Initial titer or repeat titer = upon proof of a positive titer, your Hep B category will remain compliant through graduation.

  • While discussing my Hepatitis B boosters with my provider, they suggested I can try for my repeat titer after boosters 1 and 2. Is this OK even though the requirement states 3 boosters?

    Yes, completing a Repeat Titer earlier in the series can be acceptable upon provider recommendation. Some people may test positive after one or two boosters, but others may need three boosters.

    PLEASE NOTE: Boosters 1 is required at minimum, and your repeat Titer must be at least 30 days following your Booster 1.

  • Is the influenza vaccine required for me?

    Categories that are indicated with a half black half white icon are considered optional or seasonal. The annual flu shot helps protect people during the peak of flu season August through April annually. If your program begins:

    Fall Semester: Flu shot is not required to begin the program, but must be uploaded and approved in Complio by October 31.

    Spring Semester: Flu shot is required to begin the program, and you will be expected to obtain it again in the fall.

    Summer Semester: Flu shot is not required to begin the program, but you will be expected to obtain it in the fall.

  • How do I earn or renew my CPR certification?

    Your Basic Life Support (BLS) certification which includes CPR must be an American Heart Association training. If you are in the Portland area, you can sign up online for a class through Cascade Training Center
  • How do I make changes to my health insurance as it's listed in Complio?

    It will appear in Complio as though you cannot edit this particular category. Instead, upload your new insurance into your general document library. Then contact your Clinical Facilities Coordinator who will facilitate the review process.

  • How does the COVID-19 category work?

    Linfield School of Nursing requires initial COVID-19 vaccine dose/s and a booster.

    Submit proof of A or B:

    A. Two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.
    B. One dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

    Submit proof of C or D:

    C. One dose of Pfizer or Moderna booster - due 5 months after last dose
    D. One dose of Johnson & Johnson booster - due 2 months after last dose 

    NOTE: You may be instructed by your program to submit a Swab test or Antibody test.

  • How do I complete my drug screen?

    When you create your American Databank Complio account, you will choose the facility where you will provide your sample. After you have selected the site that works best for you, many allow you to call or book an online appointment to avoid long wait times.

  • How do I place an order for an additional drug screen?

    You may need to purchase an additional drug screen if your first drug screen resulted in flagged due to a dilute sample. Log into Complio and click Place Order near the top right-hand corner of your screen. Follow the prompts to purchase the Drug Screening a la Carte – order only if instructed to do so.

  • I have submitted all my items to Complio and they are approved. So, why am I non-compliant?

    Complio is designed to grant compliance of a category if only all required items are satisfied. If your category still displays a red X icon, you are missing a specific item of that category. Refer to the category details in Complio and compare this to your approved items to determine what is causing the category to remain non-compliant./p>

  • I have reached compliant status is all of my categories. Now, what do I do?

    Congratulations! You will be required to maintain compliance through the duration of the program, so be sure to review What Complio categories expire, and how do I renew them? 

  • I know some categories will or can expire (ex. TB screening and CPR). Is there an easy way to remember when my items are due and avoid falling out of compliance?

    You will receive automatic email reminders from Complio (

    Do not ignore emails from Complio, they remind you of upcoming expiration dates. Also, give yourself plenty of time to not only complete the requirement but to upload it and wait for approval from Complio. If you think you are not going to make a requirement, talk to someone. It is best to over-communicate!

  • What Complio categories expire, and how do I renew them?

    Complio categories that expire and must be renewed annually or bi-annually:

    Tuberculosis: Complete a one-step PPD or a QuantiFERON TB Test (T-spot) annually. Your chosen test must be completed, uploaded, and approved prior to your expiration date listed in Complio. If your results are positive for TB exposure, you will need to submit a chest x-ray and an annual TB Screening Review of Symptoms form. TB chest x-rays results are valid for five years.

    Influenza: Upload proof of current flu vaccine dated no earlier than August 1. Your flu vaccine must be approved in Complio no later than October 31 to become compliant or remain in compliance.

    CPR Certification: Renew your AHA BLS Healthcare Providers CPR certification every two years. Upload documentation prior to your expiration date in Complio.

    Complio categories that may expire:

    TDaP: If 10 years after your TDaP occurs while you are in nursing school, you will need to obtain proof of a TD booster. Most students do not need a TD booster while in the program but the initial TDaP can expire.

    Hepatitis B: If you are in the process of repeating the series, continue to do so as you work towards obtaining the positive titer. You will be granted temporary compliance between repeat doses and your repeat titer.

    See Hepatitis B temporary compliance timeframes.

  • I need to upload a new document in order to renew a Complio category. How do I upload the new document without falling out of compliance?


    Some categories include two different uploading sections: (1) initial and (2) annual. To avoid falling out of compliance, please ensure that you are assigning new document an "annual" section and not the "initial" section used in the prior year. (e.g., Tuberculosis category):

    Initial QuantiFERON TB Test / T-Spot: You will upload your first year test results to this section.

    Annual QuantiFERON TB Test / T-Spot: You will upload your second year test results to this section.


    Some categories have only one section for uploading multiple annual documents, meaning there are no separate sections for your initial and annual rounds of documentation. In order to avoid falling out of compliance, DO NOT remove existing file(s). Instead, click "update" when uploading a new file. This will ensure your original document is still active, and you will remain compliant while your new document is pending approval. (e.g., Influenza category):

    Flu Vaccine: You will upload your first year documentation to this section. The following year (between 8/1 and 10/31), you will upload your second year documentation to this same section, using the instructions listed above.