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Professor Buccola in class with students

About our Alexander Scholar Program

Alexander ScholarsThe Elliot Alexander Fund for the Linfield University Department of Political Science supports the Linfield University Elliot Alexander Scholars program. This program provides academic and professional support to students in the department in a variety of ways.

The program is a tribute to the memory of a fellow student, Elliot Alexander. Elliot was a political science major at Linfield who loved discussion, debate and engagement with his teachers and classmates. He could always be counted on to offer keen insights in class while maintaining a civil and respectful tone in debates.

Unfortunately, Elliot passed away in the middle of his junior year. His parents – Drs. Michael Alexander and Sheila B. Auster – established the Elliot Alexander Fund for political science to honor Elliot by supporting the activities of the department.

Thanks to their continued generosity, we were able to start the Alexander Scholar program.

Benefits and expectations of the program

  • Classes and support for books: The Alexander scholarship entitles you to priority registration in political science classes and financial support (reimbursement with receipts) for purchasing books for your course.
  • Campus employment: There is priority consideration for student-faculty collaborative research grants, as well as invitations to special seminars and meals with visiting scholars received by the department.
  • Mentorship: The department offers opportunities for additional mentoring by students and alumni to ensure you're taking full advantage of the program. In order to get the most out of your mentor relationships, you are encouraged to take initiative to maintain communication with each of them.

Who can apply?

Applications for the Alexander Scholar program may be submitted by admitted students with an interest in political science, international relations or law, rights and justice, and by current students who are or plan to major in political science, international relations or law, rights and justice.

When do I need to apply?

Applications for the Alexander Scholar program are due each year on May 7. Recipients will be Alexander Scholars for the following academic year.

How do I apply?

Please include a brief essay, in 250-300 words, sharing your answer to the following question: Why are you interested in or have chosen to study political science, international relations and/or law, rights and justice?

Submit to Professors Nick Buccola and Pat Cottrell by May 7: and

Can I reapply for the program?

Yes! If you are an Alexander Scholar who would like to reapply for the program, please email Nick Buccola and Pat Cottrell by May 7 with your response to: What are the most important things you accomplished as an Alexander Scholar and what do you hope to accomplish next year in this role?

Meet our Scholars

Frederick Douglass Symposium
Image of Alexander Scholar Caitlin Meek
Frederick Douglass Symposium
Alexander Scholar - Caitlin Meek
"Get involved early! Going to Scholarship Competition Day and introducing myself early on has really helped me during my first semester at Linfield."