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Sustainable Living Community Housing

For students who are passionate about the environment and obtaining a more sustainable way to living

shovel digging into the ground.Linfield’s Sustainable Living Community welcomes anyone with an interest in the environment and a love for the outdoors. Students living in the Sustainable Living Community develop skills in sustainability and environmental justice. This community is open to both residents who are new to sustainability and eager to learn more, as well as residents who are well-versed in the world of sustainability efforts. Here students will learn how to reduce their environmental impact by minimizing energy inputs and waste outputs and learning more about utilizing the Linfield Community Garden.

Great for students who:

  • Want to reduce and understand their carbon footprint.
  • Want to learn about sustainable practices such as: composting, recycling, rainwater capture, eating
    seasonally, etc.
  • Want to preserve nature and biodiversity, using resources consciously and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Linked residential space

  • Elkinton Hall

Example programs

Here are a few examples of programs that are scheduled or may occur in our Sustainable Living Community! 

  • Linfield Community Gardening.
  • Educational sessions on water and energy conservation.
  • Collaboration with campus and community partners for Cozine Creek clean-up service projects.
  • Field Trips to local landfills, sustainable farms and hiking locations.
  • Hydroponic gardening within the hall.

If you have an idea for a floor or hall program, please contact your resident assistant(s), RHA hall representative(s) or community coordinator to see about planning!


For more information about the Sustainable Living Community, please contact Hanna Trailer.

Hanna Trailer
Community Coordinator for the Sustainable Living Community
Elkinton Hall