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Pride Community Housing

For students who are interested in LGBTQIA+ histories, communities and activism

Pride flags being hung in a window.

Linfield’s Pride Community seeks to honor, celebrate and uplift the lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ students and their allies. Students in this community are able to explore and express their whole selves, including their gender identities, expressions and sexuality in a safe and affirming environment. The community aim is to foster wellness, encourage openness and support LGBTQIA+ community-building initiatives both on and off campus.

Great for students who:

  • Identify as LGBTQIA+ or as an ally.
  • Are interested in gender equity and gender-spectrum inclusion.
  • Are interested in talking about gender and sexual identities.

Linked residential space

  • Campbell Hall

Example programs

Here a few examples of programs that are scheduled or may occur in our Pride Community!

  • Queer Student Retreat/ “Rainbow Reception.”
  • Identity Awareness Days.
  • Queer Book/Film/Arts Club.
  • Pride Celebration.
  • Lavender Graduation.

If you have an idea for a floor or hall program, please contact your resident assistant(s), RHA hall representative(s) or community coordinator to see about planning!


For more information about the Pride Community, please contact Stacey Buchanan.

Stacey Buchanan
Community Coordinator for the Pride Community
Campbell Hall