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Students walking along the path outside of the science complex in between classes on a sunny spring day.

Meet Student Psychology Ambassador Zee Nace '24

Posted on 10.20.23 by Zee Nace '24 in College of Arts & Science

My name is Zee and I'm from Fairbanks, Alaska

portrait of zee nace After graduating high school, I started Linfield with my major undeclared and took a variety of classes, including Intro to Developmental Psych. COVID hit second semester of my first year and I chose to take a leave of absence.

Though I thought I had left higher ed for good, I wanted to be as excited as I had been in developmental psych and started working in a clinic with patients diagnosed with ASD. I loved it. The hard days were always worth it on the best days, but I came to the conclusion that I couldn't make the difference I wanted to if I didn't have more of an education.

So, I returned to Linfield a year behind and scared out of my mind. It wasn't the instant easy start I wanted it to be, but I felt seen by the psychology professors who knew my name and began to find my people in the psychology department.

Now entering my senior year, I recognize that finding your safe space on a college campus isn't about making sure you can fit yourself into every available slot; it's about finding the space that adapts to you too. As a psych ambassador, I know psychology isn't everyone's thing, but if you think it might be yours, the psych department wants to learn your name and adapt to you too.