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Students walking along the path outside of the science complex in between classes on a sunny spring day.

Meet Student Ambassador Marissa Dolson '24

Posted on 10.20.23 by Marissa Dolson '24 in College of Arts & Science

Hello, I am Marissa Dolson!

Marissa Dolson in a field of sunflowers. I am a senior graduating in the spring of 2024 with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a law, rights and justice minor. While graduating high school through the pandemic, I didn't know where I was going to end up going to school or if classes would be shut down and I would be sent home. That always lingered in my mind and caused me to fear the unknowns.

Looking back on myself four years later, I realized that everything would work out as long as you are optimistic and accepting of change. As my initial plans had changed, I decided to get my Associate of Arts (AA) at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA, where I also played softball for two years.

After graduating with my AA, I decided to attend Linfield University. Growing up, I always pictured myself attending a small university where I could create lasting relationships with my professors and classmates. I also wanted to pursue a smaller university with the intention of expanding my involvement with more opportunities to develop new skills and learn more along the way.

Now, in my senior year, I am involved in multiple on-campus jobs and other activities on campus. Such as working in the psychology department, then the athletic department, and I'm involved in sorority life. Psychology has always been a vast interest of mine; I love learning about the brain and the science behind people's actions. When I was deciding on my major, I was torn between political science and psychology. I found the best of both worlds at Linfield minoring in law, rights and justice.

Further down the road, I hope to get my Ph.D. When I have some free time, I love to spend time with my friends, going on walks, coaching softball, watching football, playing wiffle ball, journaling and doing small art projects as well.