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Recent Thesis and Research Topics

All departmental majors write a thesis during the fall of their senior year. The following is a selective list of topics:

The Power and Influence of the Jerusalem Sacrificial Cult: A Look into the Priestly Source and Archeological Data - Andrew Webber, 2009

Hunter S. Thompson And the Search for the Death of the American Dream - Scott Herron, 2009

Sidney Rigdon: A Quest for Religious Power - Matt Davies, 2009

Adam and Eve: Early Judaic Interpretation of Genesis and How it Shaped Gender Roles - Emily Braveman, 2009

Brotherhood and Kool-Aid: The Life Jim Jones Chose to Live - Brittany Dalberg, 2008

The Study of the Evolution of the Eucharist - Amy Graham, 2007

A Study of the Emerging Church in Relation to Ancient and in Reaction to Modern Views of Jesus - Kathleen Marie Gray, 2007

Choice and Sacrifice in the Imaginative Literature of C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling - Michael James Arbogast, 2007

Searching for Divine Rhythm: Theologically Promiscuous Writing - Hannah R. Bressler, 2007

The Impact of Liberal Arts Religious Studies Courses on Student Religiosity - Stefanie Israel, 2006

Politics and Religion: An Exploration of the Documentary Hypothesis - Anthony Ray Kesler, 2006

Jesus, The God of All Drummers: How Traditional Religion Influences Christian Expression in Ghana - Jessica Marie DeVries, 2004

Religion and Abortion - Michelle Adams, 2003

Radical Love: Jesus Crosses the Line - Angela Robinson, 2002

The Divine in Disguise: How Christianity Deals with Suffering - Adam Ericksen, 2002