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Physics students investigate fundamental questions about the nature of matter, energy and the universe, and apply this knowledge to solve real-world problems. Many physics graduates pursue careers in science, engineering, technology and medical fields.

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As a physics major at Linfield

you might take:

Modern Physics

Explore the extremes of the universe: the very fast, very cold and very small. (PHYS 215)

Computational Physics

Learn to write your own computer code to solve real-world problems. (PHYS 325)

Quantum Physics

Follow the footsteps of Bohr, Schrodinger and Fermi as you apply quantum mechanics in studies of atomic systems and nuclei. (PHYS 475)

Studying physics at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the foundational principles and methods in physics.

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  • Understand that physics is a process, not just a body of knowledge, and implement the process of scientific inquiry.

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  • Communicate scientific knowledge effectively both orally and in writing.

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  • Leave Linfield with an appreciation for the power and elegance of physics and the ability to achieve science-related goals.

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Jennifer Heath
Jennifer Heath
Department Chair and Professor
Graf Hall