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Applied Physics

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Major in Applied Physics

Applied physics merges a strong grounding in science with practical hands-on engineering training, giving you the skills to tackle important problems in many fields of study. The concentration in engineering and the dual-degree (3-2) engineering program are both options within the applied physics major at Linfield University that further prepare you for an engineering career or graduate program.

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As an applied physics major at Linfield

you might take:

Machine Shop

Learn to design and build through metalworking and 3D printing. (ENGR 025)

Engineering Design Project

Complete a semester-long engineering design or research project, applying your physics and engineering knowledge to explore a topic of your choice. (ENGR 489)

Strength of Materials

Evaluate designs for internal forces, structural loading and points of failure. (ENGR 253)

Studying applied physics at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the foundational principles and methods in physics

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  • Understand that physics is a process, not just a body of knowledge, and implement the process of scientific inquiry

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  • Communicate scientific knowledge effectively both orally and in writing

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  • Leave Linfield with an appreciation for the power and elegance of physics and the ability to achieve science-related goals

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Jennifer Heath
Jennifer Heath
Department Chair and Professor
Graf Hall