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President's House


Linfield College is an independent, comprehensive institution, dedicated exclusively to undergraduate education.  We are nationally recognized for our strong teaching faculty, outstanding academic programs and distinctive international emphasis.  Linfield enrolls more than 2,500 students through three programs: a residential liberal arts and sciences program in McMinnville, the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing in Portland, and the Online and Continuing Education Program which supports students at eight Oregon sites and serves a virtual learning community across the globe.

Whether you’re drawn to Linfield because of our outstanding academic reputation, our pristine Pacific Northwest location, or our exceptional benefits package as listed below, we appreciate you considering us. 


Exempt Staff

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We Value Diversity

Linfield College is actively engaged in promoting, advancing, and confirming our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  We believe that a diverse and vibrant Linfield contributes to academic excellence and critical thinking. We welcome applicants who bring a diversity of identity, culture, experience, perspective, and thought.  All candidates are encouraged to address how their professional and lived experience, scholarship, teaching, mentorship, and/or service will build on our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Please read the information on Federal & State Posting Requirements

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