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Meet Kathryn Canfield ’23, ’24

A Trailblazer in Sport Management and Sport Leadership

Portrait of Kathryn Canfield.

Posted on 01.24.24 by Mariah Johnston in School of Business

She’s Back

Kathryn Canfield ’23, ’24, has marked her return to Linfield with a profound impact in the field of sport management. Kathryn graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism and media studies with a minor in sport management. Now, Kathryn is elevating her expertise by enrolling in Linfield’s Master of Science in business program, specializing in sport leadership.

“During my junior year, I discovered my interest in brand management in sports,” Kathryn said. “Unlike many traditional business settings, sports teams never stay the same. Whether it be with new players, cities, games or fans, the environment is vibrant and dynamic.”

Back at Linfield this fall, she’s not only found herself in the master's program but also as a member of Linfield's Front Office team.

Group photo of the front office team.

Leading the Front Office Team

Kathryn’s experience is particularly unique as she bridges the gap between her journalism background and the dynamic world of sports.

"For my capstone project in the JAMS department, I created a public relations campaign centered around one of our Front Office partners, Capital Futbol Club." Kathryn explains, "This involved conducting a thorough situation and SWOT analysis of the company. Upon completing my project, I was able to then present it to the company, which ultimately led to me being hired to implement the campaign during the summer after my graduation."

In a competitive industry like sports, an organization like Front Office has proved valuable for students.

“Front Office was developed to give sport management students experience pre-graduation so they can jump right into the sports industry right after leaving Linfield,” Kathryn said. “There are so many of our members that have not only gained experience but have gotten jobs and been able to go out into the industry as a result of this program.”

“For students who see themselves potentially working in sport management, joining Front Office is never going to be something that weighs you down. It can only lift you up,” Kathryn said. “Front Office not only prepares students for the sport industry but creates a network of students to teach future generations.”