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Meet Alyssa Sepulveda '25

Lessons From a Wine Bar

Alyssa serving wine to a table of guests at Acorn to Oak.

Posted on 10.04.23 by Mariah Johnston '25 in School of Business

Switching things up

Originally an education major, Linfield junior Alyssa Sepulveda ’25 switched gears and dove deep into the world of wine. While taking wine courses to fulfill her Linfield Curriculum (LC) requirements, Alyssa fell more in love with the wine industry, sparking a new passion and ultimately the decision to switch majors. 

Wearing different hats and pouring many glasses

Acorn to Oak Wine Experience logo. "Where Education Meets Taste. Linfield University."Since refocusing on wine studies, Alyssa’s Linfield experience has been unconventional and unwittingly life-changing. With the new opening of Acorn to Oak Wine Experience, Linfield's first student-led tasting room located on Third Street, Alyssa has had the opportunity to try on every hat she could ever imagine pertaining to the wine industry.

“I have the chance to work in all areas of the business,” Alyssa said. “I usually pour the wine. But one day I can help put together the tasting menu, and the next go to business meetings. We’re a joint team. I get to learn everything. There’s nothing we can’t learn.”

Acorn to Oak pours wines produced by vineyards in Oregon that also back the Linfield Center for Wine Education. Students like Alyssa and many others are able to work with and learn about the wine produced right here in Oregon.

Furthering her education 

Alyssa has been involved in wine for a while now and deeply enjoys the classes she’s taking. The liberal arts experience has really helped Alyssa feel at home in a community that cares about her learning. With class sizes that are small enough to tailor to her individual needs and professors who personalize her education, Alyssa has been able to thrive.

“Finding classes that I can engage and learn in has been life-changing,” Alyssa said. “And it’s not just the classes; the experiences and activities Linfield hosts are so unique.

“I’m learning things while being involved in Acorn to Oak that I wouldn’t learn in any other class and are preparing me for the industry after Linfield.”

The uncommon experience

With the opening of Acorn to Oak, Linfield has created an immersive experience for its students to interact with wine professionals throughout the region.

“Acorn to Oak has really set us apart as a university,” Alyssa said. “We stand out.”

Linfield’s involvement with Acorn to Oak represents an education where hands-on learning is a top priority. For students like Alyssa, education doesn’t only happen in the classroom – it happens in a tasting room that doubles as a learning lab.

“I get to brag to my friends about the experiences Linfield offers me,” she said.