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Meet Emma Campbell ’24 and Faith Sposito ’24

Leading the Cat Zone

Emma and Faith rallying the student body at Cat Camp 2023.

Posted on 10.27.23 by Mariah Johnston '25 in College of Arts & Science

Portrait of Emma Campbell.
Emma Campbell '24, ASLU president

Emma Campbell ’24 and Faith Sposito ’24, president and vice president of the Associate Students of Linfield University (ASLU), have been two very influential women representing the students of the McMinnville campus. From large planned events to small actions behind the scenes, these two Wildcats have been instrumental in the quality of student life at Linfield.

They want their peers to know they have their back. 

“As you know, we were both involved in ASLU last year,” Emma said. “For this year, we really hope to carry over the work from last year, but we also really want our students to engage with us.”

“We would love for more students to come to our office and just hang out,” Faith added. “We really want to get this started, we want students to have an open space to just come in.” 

As the 2023-24 school year kicks off, ASLU’s message to students: we’re in your corner.

Portrait of Faith Sposito.
Faith Sposito '24, ASLU vice president

“Any student concern is our concern,” Emma said.

“We’re so passionate about making this school better and advocating for students, we just really want students to know that,” Faith said. “We want to hear your ideas and we want you to bring them to us. We want to dream with you.”

Backed by the best

ASLU is more than president and vice president. This dynamic duo is powered by a team of incredible students who support each other and their collective mission.

“Our team is so important because everyone brings a new perspective to the table,” Emma said. “Every single one of our members is not only doing their job to help ASLU but also helping advocate for student concerns.”

It’s evident these leaders walk the walk. Emma and Faith are both fueled by the support of one another.

“She’s taught me a lot,” Emma said. “We support each other by being a united front.”

For Faith, Emma is her rock.

“She has empowered me to stand up for myself,” Faith said. “This is a skill she’s taught me that’s going to be useful even after Linfield.”

The future of ASLU

Emma and Faith, both seniors, are rounding the corner toward graduation this spring. As they prepare to pass the baton to whoever serves next, they feel confident in all they’ve accomplished.

“Our team has left its mark,” Emma said while reflecting on the ups and downs of the last three years. “We have set the bar for what ASLU is and what we should be doing.”

“We want to inspire the next people that take over,” Faith said. “We want students to [continue using their] voice.”

Learn more about ASLU

ASLU is located on the second floor of Riley Hall in room 216. Stop by and say hi! Or catch ASLU senators Wednesdays through Fridays from 12-2 p.m. outside of Starbucks. They're ready to hear your concerns and ideas!