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Meet Sydney Winters '24

A Transformative Journey

Portrait of Sydney Winters in her nursing scrubs.

Posted on 10.20.23 by Gabriel Dawson '24 in School of Nursing

Finding a calling in the medical field

Sydney Winters ’24 is a dedicated Linfield nursing student from Tualatin who has long aspired to work in the medical field. Her journey began in 2015 when her mother suffered a bike accident while competing in the IronMan, breaking her collarbone.

While caring for her mom, Sydney discovered her life's calling.

A glimpse into hospital life

In 2019, Sydney tore her ACL and, despite the discomfort, the experience offered her valuable insight into the hospital environment. She seized the opportunity to ask her attending nurses about their roles and responsibilities, showing keen interest in every detail of her injury and recovery.

Switching from a physician assistant path to nursing

Initially, Sydney aimed to become a physician assistant (PA) and began her studies at Southern Oregon University. As her studies took her deeper into the field, she realized that being a PA was not quite her true calling.

“The nurturing aspect of nursing really resonates with me,” said Sydney.

Upon transferring to Linfield University, Sydney connected with a friend who was a year away from applying to Linfield's School of Nursing. Her friend's positive experience and smooth transition between campuses convinced her to make the move.

“I adore the McMinnville campus. It's a supportive community of nursing students, and I've also built meaningful relationships with non-nursing students,” she shared.

Support systems at Linfield University

Linfield's nursing program is known for its rigor, but it also offers extensive support to help students succeed. “If you stumble on a test, the faculty ensures you know how to get back on track,” said Sydney.

And Linfield's nursing professors are known to go the extra mile to engage students by incorporating their own personal stories into their lectures. For instance, one professor shared an anecdote about managing his son's asthma attack with a caffeinated soda, creating a memorable learning experience.

Adult manikin in a hospital bed in the simulation lab.Cutting-edge clinical resources

Transferring to Linfield has enriched Sydney's educational journey, offering her innovative learning tools and resources.

The School of Nursing boasts high-tech simulation patients with impressive capabilities – from breathing and blinking to giving birth and having seizures. “These simulations offer hands-on experience and elevate our clinical training,” Sydney noted. They even have patient actors in some simulation scenarios. When nursing students pull back the curtain, they have no idea what the patient will spring on them making it feel very real.

“This entire experience has solidified my belief that nursing is the right career path for me,” she concluded.