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Introducing Linfield University's

2022-23 M.S. in Business Cohort

Posted on 10.11.22 by Denise Farag in School of Business

We are pleased to introduce our 2022-23 cohort of students!

The carefully crafted Master of Science in business is a one-year program designed for anyone, whether you already hold a business degree or not, ready to pursue roles in leadership. This year a new track has been introduced – wine business leadership is offered in addition to design innovation and sport leadership. The curriculum for all three concentrations provides expertise in innovation, design thinking, high-performance teams, critical thinking, and emotional and cultural intelligence.

portrait of Quincy BackesQuincy Backes

Hometown: Yakima, Washington
Undergraduate studies: Business administration and economics
Key strengths: Tenacious, restorative, driven
What's exciting about this program: To further build my skills for leading and managing teams.
Goals: Thrive and make my two loving parents proud who support me in everything I do.

Portrait of Grayson CosierGrayson Cosier '22

Hometown: Waimea, Hawaii
Undergraduate studies: sport management
Key strengths: Resilient, problem solver, people person, dedicated, responsible, hard-working
What's exciting about this program: The opportunities and experiences that will help me navigate a career in sports.
Goals: A career in sports.

Portrait of Cesar CruzCesar Cruz Espindola '22

Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon
Undergraduate studies: sport management, sports economics and wine studies
Key strengths: Communication, time management, organization, bilingual
What's exciting about this program: To meet new people and create new connections for the future.
Goals: Enter the sports industry, specifically soccer.

Portrait of Erin LutzErin Lutz

Hometown: Del Mar, California
Undergraduate studies: History
Key strengths: Team-oriented, creative and open to new things
What's exciting about this program: Excited to learn more about sport leadership as it relates to my role as a coach off the field. 
Goals: Full-time position in college athletics and coaching.

Portrait of Matt MetcalfMatthew Metcalf '22

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon
Undergraduate studies: Management with Leadership and ethics
Key strengths: Leadership, determination, grittiness
What's exciting about this program: Excited to explore a new road of education and to learn with some of my favorite people. I'm excited to learn from industry professionals and faculty.
Goals: Have a job that I love and help my community in any way I can.

Portrait of Bishop MitchellBishop Mitchell

Hometown: Mount Angel, Oregon
Undergraduate studies: Business administration and Sociology
Key strengths: Persistent, caring, family-oriented
What's exciting about this program: Excited about creating new social resources.
Goals: Launch a business. Gain insight on building financial resilience and sharing that skill and insight with others.

Portrait of Stephanie MitchellStephanie Mitchell

Hometown: San Rafael, California
Undergraduate studies: Anthropology
Key strengths: Creative problem solving
What's exciting about this program: Excited to gain mastery of business.
Goals: Work as a professor and consult in the wine industry, research and writing on sustainable wine production. Achieve a Ph.D. and the honor of Master of Wine.

Portrait of Chandler MorrisChandler Morris '22

Hometown: Yamhill, Oregon
Undergraduate studies: Digital art and media studies
Key strengths: Hard worker, active listener, goal-driven, multitasker
What's exciting about this program: Excited to learn business fundamentals, and how businesses work. Excited to sharpen my team-building and team-leading skills.
Goals: Pursue a career in color shoe design; work at Nike.

Portrait of Vinny NiosiVinny Niosi '21

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Undergraduate studies: Finance and wine studies
Key strengths: Analytics, financial knowledge, forecasting, sales
What's exciting about this program: Excited to network and build a solid foundation for a career in strategic management/consulting to build efficient teams and improve businesses.
Goals: Better connect with teammates, coworkers and everyday interactions. Career in strategic consulting and design.

Portrait of Zane OshiroZane Oshiro '22

Hometown: Mililani, Hawaii
Undergraduate studies: Marketing
Key strengths: Interpersonal communication, creative thinking, dedication
What's exciting about this program: Excited to continue my education and experiential learning.
Goals: Impactful and adaptable leader with the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Portrait of Baily PaulBaily Paul '22

Hometown: Gig Harbor, Washington
Undergraduate studies: Sport management
Key strengths: Enthusiastic, detail-oriented, creative, determined, teammate, optimistic
What's exciting about this program: Excited to work on real-world problems that are represented in the business world, and work with an international company for the capstone.
Goals: Build a stronger network, increase my skills in social media, and become the best teammate I can be.

Portrait of Travis SwansonTravis Swanson '21

Hometown: Hailey, Idaho
Undergraduate studies: Psychology
Key strengths: Leadership, self-discipline, charismatic demeanor
What's exciting about this program: Excited to expand my education in close collaboration with professors and classmates.
Goals: Industrial and organizational psychologist, start a sports nonprofit so no child is denied the opportunity to participate in a sport because they cannot afford the equipment.