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Messages from International Students

Posted on 05.13.19 by Wendy Sagers in College of Arts & Science, Linfield University

Club Activities

More than 40 different clubs offer cultural, athletic, academic, recreational or service-oriented activities for students.

Linfield students and faculties are very friendly. It is not hard at all to make friends with them. The most right decision I made was that I joined Kappa Sigma Fraternity; it is a unique student organization among the world. I made a lot of friends there, and they help me a lot with both my English and studies.
Tian T., China

Club Activites

I enjoyed the vibrant social life of Linfield: lectures, sports, concerts, club events...there is always something going on.
Myriam G., France

I wasn't a talkative girl before I came to Linfield. I thought I had to be independent and make friends a lot. I have participated in many activities such as Linfield dancing team, International Club, I have done amazing things that I haven't done before.

Club activites

When I arrived here at Linfield, I loved so much tennis that I entered the Tennis Club. Most of my friends are from the Tennis club. In the club, people are really nice and friendly. Practices with the tennis club are the best moment of the day for me. We play seriously and it's so fun out there! One other club I joined was the International Club. Most of international students are in that club, and they are also really nice.
Gilno E., Democratic Republic of Congo