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If you are fascinated by the social lives of human beings, the complexity and consequences of social behavior and want to make a positive impact in a quickly changing society, then sociology is the major for you! Majoring in sociology will deepen your understanding of our social landscape and equip you with the tools, theories and methods to investigate and analyze our diverse world.

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As a sociology major at Linfield

you might take:

Gender and Society

Discover the many ways that gender shapes – visibly and invisibly – our everyday lives. (SOAN 205)

Environment, Society and Culture

Examine how individuals shape and are shaped by our environments and explore how people unite to challenge environmental injustice around the world. (SOAN 250)

Music Subcultures, Scenes and Communities

Explore how individuals, from punks to posers, make meaning through music. Spend time investigating your own favorite music scene while learning important field research methods. (SOAN 251)

Studying sociology at Linfield

Beyond the classroom

  • Join SOAN salons, a forum for students covering a variety of topics relevant to the area of study.

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  • Intern in all areas of sociology with organizations such as Family Building Blocks, OMSI, Oregon Department of Education and the Washington County DA Office, just to name a few. 

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  • Participate as a research assistant with faculty in collaborative research projects.

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  • Apply all that you've learned in an original research project through your senior thesis.

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  • Through a year-long project as a senior, you'll identify a need in the community and create a way to address it using the skills you've learned during your time at Linfield.

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Life After Linfield

You will leave prepared for a career in areas such as:

Administrative Services

  • Social Work
  • Program Manager
  • Program Director
  • General Manager
  • Owner
  • Teacher
  • Project Manager


  • Principal
  • College Advisor
  • Teacher
  • Finance director

Estimate wage: $74.9k

Estimate of what Linfield sociology alumni could be making based on their current ages, occupations and geographic locations.

Potential wage: $91.5k

The potential wage is based on the average wage for the occupations.

Top career paths

The top five education-to-career paths of Linfield sociology alumni include:

  • Principal
  • Program Manager 
  • Program Director
  • Teacher
  • General manager


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Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner
Department Chair and Professor
Walker Hall